2003 BizKit Memorial Awards


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The BizKit awards are given in film, tv and sports. Anyone can add to the list. Just send me the award and it will be added along with your name.

2003 BizKit Memorial Awards

Best Hollywood film: Mystic River

Best non-Hollywood film: 21 Grams

Best Director: Clint Eastwood in Mystic River

Funniest film: Bad Santa

Best action film: Kill Bill: Volume 1, X2

Best surprise of 2003: Pirates of the Caribbean, all fellow current/former Disney cast members will agree after seeing the Country Bears film

Worst Hollywood film: Legally Blonde 2, Terminator 3, Bad Boys 2

Best DVD release: Alien Quadrilogy set

Thank God they released it: John Carpenters Escape From New York

Im gonna shoot Steven Spielberg: For releasing the Indy Trilogy with no commentary tracks. Even Coppola did them for the Godfather Trilogy.

Best Actor in a film: Sean Penn for 21 Grams and Mystic River

Best Actress in a film: Scarlett Johansson for Lost in Translation

Best Supporting Actor in a film: Ken Watanabe for The Last Samurai

Best Supporting Actress in a film: Marcia Gay Harden for Mystic River

Worst Acting in a film: Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde 2, Eddie Murphy in the Haunted Mansion

Should have been released in theaters: Angels in America

Too much hype, not enough substance: MaTrIx Reloaded and MaTrIx Revolutions

What was all the yelling about?: fan reaction over season 4 of the Sopranos not being as good. It was better than previous seasons baby.

Either best film or worst film: Lost in Translation, Wonderland

Damn shes hot: Keira Knightely of Bend It Like Beckham and the Pirate movie, Mary-Louise Parker in West Wing and Angels in America, Kate Beckinsale in Underworld

Best show no one is watching: Im With Her stars Teri Polo its on ABC Tuesdays at 830pm

Didnt see all the reason for hype: The Regans mini series

Best CD I bought this year: Stings Sacred Love

WTF!??!!?: Another season of putting NYPD Blue on hiatus for another show, Aaron Sorkin leaving the West Wing

Hurry up and get here already: Star Wars Episode III, Kill Bill Volume 2, new season of Queer As Folk and the Sopranos, the movie Melinda Swinarski is going to be part of.


Guess my Grandmother is up for a job: 72 yr old Jack McKeon leads the Marlins to the World Series title

The Tums Antacid Award: Tom Judd for suffering through the Dave Wannstedt era in Miami

The guy isnt human: Steve McNair of the Tennessee Argos Titans

The guy is a moron: Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez of the Boston Red Sox

This guy is a wussy boy: Vincent Lecavalier of the Tampa Bay Lightning

Blow it up and rebuild: The BCS that everyone agrees is the letter B bulls#$$

This is more staged than wrestling: New Orleans Saints Joe Horns touchdown cell phone call

Turn that microphone off: Whenever Vince & Stephanie McMahon, Warren Sapp, Terrell Owens or Jennifer Lopez is near it


Live altering moment in 2003: meeting and interviewing Steve Corino. Without Steves interview I wouldnt have launched Closely followed by my ex getting married to some army guy in September. Never did get my invite or photos.


Honored to have been invited: Rob and Eileens wedding


Coolest thing to happen: My P/T job with the St Pete Times Forum where I saw (deep breath) Kiss/Aerosmith, Luis Miguel, Simon/Garfunkel, Wiggles, Tony Hawks Boom Boom Huck Jam and many Tampa Bay Lightning games. Plus meeting my godparents in the wrestling business Jody Davis and Tim Welch


Best thing to happen: Interviewing (deeper breath) Rod Steel, Jimmy Rave, Billy Fives, Bruce Steele and Tiffany, Scoot Andrews, Mike Sullivan, Mike and Todd Shane, Frankie Capone, Cannon, Pat Powers, Pat McGroin, Justice, Naphtali and Havok, David Babylon, Ricky and Tommy Vandal, Axis and Python, Jerrelle Clark, Roderick and Sedrick Strong, Maximum Capacity, Mike Graham, Shane Douglas, AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Chris Harris and James Storm, Chase Stevens, Erick Acker, Corporal Robinson, Dusty Rhodes, Mark and Job Zout, Lex Lovett, Norman Smiley, Antonio Banks, Kevin Sullivan, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger, Danny Doring, CM Punk, Mikey Tenderfoot, Christopher Daniels and Ron Niemi.