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Interview with David Babylon
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DAVID BABYLON is a newcomer to IPW who has already made a huge impact in the Florida wrestling scene. Recently he has had matches with the Florida Unified Cruiserweight champion NAPHTALI and was readying for one with IPW World Champion ROD STEEL.  Babylon was the 6-time Future Of Wrestling International Champion, but due to the folding of FOW, the title appears to be retired. This is Mr. Babylons first interview to talk about something other then his unusual hairstyle. It was conducted before IPWs March Badness show on March 14th.


Alan Wojcik: Was wrestling apart of your childhood?


David Babylon: Growing up in the New York/New Jersey area, I was always into the WWE. I was a fan of the Ultimate Warrior, Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage.


AW: Who was your trainer and what was involved in the classes?


DB: I was trained by Rusty Brooks at his School of Hard Knocks. I had seen Billy Fives work for some FOW shows and that was the hook for me to begin training. The classes were regimented. We did the basic drills more then other things. Rest of the time we did exercise drills and the like to help us gain stamina, so we didnt blow up in the ring.


AW: Who was your first match with?


DB: It was against Charles Anthony in FSCW. I remember being completely at ease in the ring after the opening spot. A lot of it was very quick, most of the moves I did for the first time in that match. The crowd seemed to like it and it help set a tone to where I am today.


AW: Were you a heel or babyface?


DB: They told me I was a face, but they wanted to see how the crowd reacted. I got a baby reaction for the first matches I worked.


AW: Right around you joining FOW, you won their light-heavyweight title. What did that feel like?


DB: I got the belt before I even worked for them. I beat Tommy Vandal for the belt on a non-FOW show two weeks before my FOW debut. It created lots of heat before I ever debuted in FOW.


AW: One of the first challengers to the title was Naphtali. Was his style unlike anyone you had seen?


DB: Naphtali is one of my favorite opponents. He puts his body on the line along with another guy I like to work named Justice.  Naphtalis style was a culture shock to me because he does more technical wrestling then the Southern style. The Southern style is more storytelling than moves. The babyface getting some shine, then the heel gets his heat and then the finish. Naphtali mixes Japanese with the Lucha Libre stuff and old-school. I was the first guy to tap out to his abdominal stretch.


AW: What was involved in Kill the Man with the Belt matches?


DB: Kill the Man with the Belt was (former FOW owner) Bobby Rogers way of tying to prove my light-heavyweight title reign was legitimate. He put me in with every local light-heavyweight worker. It was a ten-minute time limit with whoever makes the last pinfall is the champion. Several times I lost the belt but got it back before the time expired. Other times I was able to beat all of my opponents before the time ran out.


AW: From there you won the FOW International title in a magnificent seven match. Please explain the concept of the match.


DB: What happened was Bruno Sassi held the FOW Heavyweight title as well as the International title. Well the FOW by-laws prohibit that, so they stripped him of the belt. The match had seven men with the 3 FOW singles titles on the line. I got the pin on Chris Charger. I was the long shot to win the belt but I came out on top.


AW: During that title reign you worked former ECW and current XPW worker Danny Doring. Any comment on him?


DB: Danny is a funny guy and a class act. He taught me that you dont have to every move in a match for it to be great. We did very few high spots and the crowd loved it. I cant put him over enough.


AW: How did you join IPW Hardcore?


DB: A joint effort between Naphtali and Billy Fives. Billy has tried to get me exposure wherever he is working. Ron Neimi had heard things from both of them and Naphtali wanted to work with me again.


AW: Is there a difference in ring styles between FOW and IPW Hardcore?


DB: Without a doubt. FOW was the Southern style I mentioned. IPW is geared more towards athleticism. Theres a mix of styles here. Pureso, Lucha, Northeast and other. I wouldnt say one group is better than the other.


AW: When you came here, the feud with Naphtali started up again.


DB: I enjoy the competition we have.  Any move we can do to each other you will see us try to use in a match. We go b#$%s to the wall every time out.


AW: Somehow you got stuck with the moniker of rat magnet. Any comments on it?


DB: Everyone loves it. Two guys named Eric and Kyle gave it to me. Then I was advertised by accident on an IPW TV show with that under my name. Im not sure who to blame for it, but it got on the message boards. Somehow it stuck and the fans chant it.


AW: Along with that is a rumored flirtation with (IPW manager) Vanessa Harding.


DB: That is unfounded rumors and tomfoolery probably stated by Aaron Royal. (Aaron Royal walked by us when Babylon was talking and made no comment.) 


AW: How did you get involved in the feud between everyone in IPW and the AOD?


DB: (Ousted AOD member) Billy Fives. I run with Billy. He got tossed out by them for saving me from one of their beatings.  Now I have been kind of dragged into it by defending Billy. Im by his side just like he was by mine.


AW: On a somber note, working in FOW you got the chance to interact with the recently deceased (and FOW champion) Curt Hennig. Any memories on Curt?


DB: Just a real professional guy. I got goosebumps just watching him walk to the ring. Sean Waltman (Syxx-Pac) was advertised to headline that show and cancelled that night.  Curt Hennig was a last minute replacement. About seven of the boys in the back knew he was going to be on the show.  When the Mr. Perfect music hit, the memories of seeing him on TV when I grew up all came back to me.


AW: It has been publicized on the internet that FOW owner Bobby Rogers ran into some legal problems. Can you make any comment on the apparent demise of FOW?


DB: I know Bobby Rogers was playing many people against each other. He was one of the greatest workers in Florida and it caught up to him.  FOW as the fans and workers know it is dead.


AW: Being you are close to beginning your second year in the business, do you believe in the sophomore jinx?


DB: No way baby. First year was just a warm up for me.  I am not going to slow down and I will continue to grow and learn things.


AW: Word association time. IPW Owner Ron Neimi.


DB: Drunk bastard.


AW: Bobby Rogers.


DB: No comment.


AW: Billy Fives.


DB: Mentor.


AW: Naphtali.


DB: Friend.


AW: The Vandalz.


DB: Sometimes friends, sometimes foes.


AW: Justice.


DB: Amazing talent.


AW: Steve Madison.


DB: Huge upside.


AW: Fans of FOW.


DB: Loyal and will continue to receive quality entertainment.


AW: Fans of IPW.


DB: The best fans. You have to work harder for them than anywhere else in Florida.


AW: Alliance of Defiance.


DB: All major talents just bad attitudes. That includes the other Strong Brother.


AW: Internet sites in wrestling.


DB: I grew up with the internet covering wrestling, so I dont know any other ways to view it. The internet can only help the business.


AW: What do you hope the future holds for David Babylon?


DB: Hopefully to be gainfully employed in wrestling and be able to do only this for life.


Thanks to David Babylon for his time.