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Interview with "Superfan" Mark Zout and Job Zout
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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this may be taking it too far when you talk about 'Superfan' MARK ZOUT. Zout is a former IPW Television Champion, fulfilling a life-long dream of singles gold by defeating PAT MCGROIN on March 22, 2003, at 'Unfinished Business!' He is one of IPW's most entertaining competitors who wears his love for professional wrestling on his sleeve, as he perfectly imitates a different competitor each time he steps in the ring including KURT ANGLE, THE GODFATHER (complete with ho's), RANDY SAVAGE, HULK HOGAN and THE UNDERTAKER, just to name a few.. Zout is a former IPW Tag Team Champion with ROD STEEL (as the Curtainjerkers) after defeating then NWA World Tag Team Champions THE NEW HEAVENLY BODIES and THE SOUTHERN POSSE in a huge upset on April 7, 2001 as part of 'Hardcore Hell 2001!' Zout is the only person in IPW history to win the tag team titles (with ROD STEEL) and manage a team to those titles (QUICKIEMART.) Recently the Zout clan has grown with the addition Marks younger brother JOB ZOUT (pronounced Joeb.) This interview is with both men along with several other friends and enemies of the Zouts. This interview took place as the Markfather and the Great Zouboski (with partners Comic Book Guy Anderson, Pretty Fly & Lennox) were preparing for an eight man tag match with all the members of their IPW rivals Double Deuce Inc. (Uptown Frankie Capone, Cannon, Pat Powers & Pat McGroin) on IPWs fifth anniversary show to be held on August 16, 2003.



Alan Wojcik: First question as always with interviews. What led you to professional wrestling?


Mark Zout: The first IPW show I ever attended was July 24, 1999. Its funny because (fellow IPW star) Mikey Tenderfoot also was at the show but didnt know each other. I bought the event program and the IPW internet site was listed. I went to their site and saw the advertisement for their training school which is in the same building they run the shows. I came down to the WrestlePlex for three days, while I was still in high school. I was doing backyard wrestling and only wanted to learn stuff. After the third day they realized I had no money to pay for the tuition. So I left and didnt go back for a year. I began training and two months after that I did my first match. I had been going to ECW and WWE shows, I sat there in amazement at what these guys were doing in the ring.


Mikey Tenderfoot: (walking through the IPW locker room) Its all lies, ALL LIES.


AW: You turn will come soon my friend. Back to the WrestlePlex, Who was the head trainer at the time you attended and what do you remember of the training regimen?


MZ: I was trained by the Navy Seal. I also give credit to the Original Dudley Dudley, Mike Sullivan, Havoc and Scoot Andrews. They would come by and help Seal out when they were not traveling. My training class included (current IPW stars) Mikey Tenderfoot, Rod Steel and Agent Steele. We learned from each other as well as Seal. I hope we all came out of training with knowledge of the business in and out of the ring.


AW: Do you remember your first match?


MZ: My first official match was against the Stickman doing the Macho Mark, (Mark becomes Randy Savage) oh yeah diggin it, likin it. I chose him because growing up Randy was my favorite guy.  My first match I got stuck between the second and third ropes. I was supposed to go right over the top but I got caught on the rope and I broke my thumb. I thought I just jammed it. Looking back at the tape I was on the floor selling from the bump I took but I am actually shaking off my thumb. My friend wanted to pull it out of being jammed. Instead I put four Popsicle sticks around it and then did a battle royal. The next morning my thumb was the size of a grapefruit. I thought I should go to the doctor.


Job Zout: You think!!


AW: What led to the creation of Superfan Mark Zout?


MZ: (IPW booker) the Mastermind Aaron Royal came up with the name. When I was training we talked a few times. In the years before I was a wrestler, I used to go to shows dressed up as a character like Tommy Dreamer, Road Dogg and Randy Savage. People would laugh at me. I told him about it and Aaron came up with the name the night I did a battle royal about a month into training. Aaron let me in the match even though I had no character became, so he said, How about Superfan Mark Zout? I went out in black pants and an IPW shirt. During the match I asked one of the guys for an autograph, he then proceeded to fight with me all over the building. It was exciting.


AW: How did you and Rod Steel become the Curtainjerkers?


MZ: The office knew we trained together and thought it would be funny team. Rod was half heel/half baby and I was full babyface. It all began on a night I was doing Hulk Hogan and acted like I had trouble ripping my shirt. Rod smacked my face as hard as he could and ripped my shirt off. That became part of our routine he would become discouraged with my character and smack me across the face to snap me back to reality. It was not planned but we ran with it.


AW: What do you remember of the night you won the IPW World tag titles?


MZ: It was funny because lots of guys knew before we did, they told us the week before. I didnt expect it that early in my career. The main rule of the match was the first team to get the pin was the champions. We came out from under the ring, interfered in the match and pinned a member of each team (the Southern Posse and Heavenly Bodies.) We got the belts but I got beat by a Posse- owned cowbell while Rod got beat down by the Bodies. That was the 1st time I got cut open and it was by accident. They tossed it up and it landed on my head giving me a knot and a inch cut.


JZ: Bleeding the hard way, nice.


AW: Your title reign and your partnership ended not too long after as you lost the belts to the Shane Brothers and Rod turned on you.


MZ: The match with the Shanes was fun. We had wrestled them one time before the title loss. The IPW/NWA feud was just beginning and


Rod Steel: (After overhearing Mark) Let me tell you something I was an opportunist. I took that group of NWA Florida, bringing it out of the dirtball ashes it was lying in. Its not my fault that you couldnt keep up with menow excuse me fans I need to leave you.


(The Zouts sit in stunned silence for a moment.)


MZ: Where were we? That explains it all I think. Hard to follow the man Rod Steel.


AW: Not long after the split you joined up with the team known as Quickiemart (Agent Steele & Yassar Arafat Jr.) How did that come about?


MZ: Before Rod had turned on me, we were in a serious feud with Quickiemart. After Rod turned on me they came out and saved me from Rods beatdown. They had decided to side with IPW in the war. I didnt expect it to last along as the grouping did. It was a natural for me to join up with Steele since we had trained together. I didnt wrestle with them but I managed them to the IPW tag titles. Wow it got really dark in here.


JZ: I think its going to monsoon.


MZ: Not Gorilla Monsoon.


MZ/JZ: God rest his soul.


AW: How does it feel to be the only person to manage a team to the belts and hold the IPW World tag team titles?


MZ: Its pretty cool. No one can lay claim to it. Would I have rather have been defending the titles, yeah. But I learned lots of things being a manager. I think the key to my success as a manager was being a wrestler; I knew all the tricks guys might try in a match.


AW: Not long after the title run, Quickiemart disbanded and Agent Steele went solo. What do you think led to the break up of Quickiemart?


MZ: Yassar opened up a second store and had to take care of his two babies so to speak.


JZ: That store has the jumbo-sized slurpee machine that has 8 different flavors at once.


MZ: That machine was my idea, thank you very much. You run two 24 hour shops and you cant wrestle as well.


AW: Time for the thought provoking questions. Where do you get the outfits for each impersonation?


MZ: Thrift stores, flea markets, party stores, Walmart, K-Mart


JZ: Trash cans.


MZ: No thats you dude. Seriously I borrow them from friends and also got stuff on Ebay. I got Bret Hart glasses from there as well as my RVD/Spiderman singlet.


Mikey Tenderfoot: (Walking through again) Its all lies I tell you.


MZ: Damn you Tenderfoot Im a babyface, I dont lie.


AW: What leads you to decide who you are going to impersonate?


MZ: Money. (laughs) Not really


JZ: You get paid??


MZ: Shut up! Sometimes it depends on who I am wrestling or who my partner is. Recently I teamed with Navy Seal AKA Rastaman. He worked as Seal and I became Rastaman while Job became Mustafa, Seals old partner from Puerto Rico. It was funny to us. It depends who I like or what I feel doing that week. Sometimes its fan reaction. Or Im watching an old tape and I havent seen someone, I decide to be that person.


AW: Who was the most fun to be for a night?


MZ: Frankie Capone was funny. (Job portrayed Cannon.) Pat Powers was fun as well. Its fun to the IPW guys to see their reaction when I come out. Hurricane was fun until I heard I got some heat from him until he found out my gimmick. The first time I met (former ECW/current IPW star) Danny Doring I was Amish Roadkill and I drew heat from him. He didnt know the gimmick either. Ive never had one that wasnt fun.


AW: Which impression was the hardest to pull off?


JZ: Could be Goldust?


MZ: Goldust was hard but I only did him for a battle royal. Hogan was tough wearing little Speedo trunks. My HHH was bad when I did the D-X invasion.


JZ: Where did you get the nose?


MZ: I took it off a set of Groucho glasses. I went out there taped to my face and my nose fell off.


AW: How does it feel to have our own t-shirt?


MZ: Not that good since I had to pay for them (laughs.) its kind of cool because they sold well, unlike some guys who dont sell at all.


(Zout points towards Cannon and then both Zouts run off. Cannon joins the interview.)


AW: How did it feel to walk to the ring and see those two dressed like you and Frankie?


Cannon: I hate you all!!! Dont mock me I hate you Zouts.


(Cannon leaves and the Zouts return.)


JZ: Is it me or does he have that Brother Love thing going on right now?? We love you Cannon.


AW: How did your allegiance with Comic Book Guy Anderson and James Hendrix begin?


MZ: It came from training together. I kept coming back to the Plex to better myself and we became fast friends. I became part of the student Kliq thats includes them as well as Pretty Fly, Lennox and Boules Azoules. When I came up the veterans didnt like the students, now the locker room is different and they embrace the students.


JZ: I can attest to that.


AW: How did Job Zout become part of your career?


MZ: See our mom and dad got a little drinky drinky in them


AW: Clean it up a bit. Kids might read this.


MZ: Well Job Zout is Marks younger brother. You would think we would beat each other up.


JZ: I would steal his Barbie and he would steal my GI Joe.


MZ: Hey there is nothing wrong with a guy playing with Barbie dolls.


JZ: Better move on Alan.


AW: You are coming off a reign as IPW TV champion. For those that dont know the story, the night you won the belt Pat Powers lost the title to Pat McGroin. McGroin then made an open challenge which you answered. Give your version of that night.


MZ: I was sitting in the front row enjoying the wrestling EXTRAVAGANZA like superfan Mark Zout should be doing. Actually I was with my family and heard the challenge. I had wrestled Comic Book Guy as the Markbreak Kid. I had on my HBK shirt as well as my street clothes. I tried to hit McGroin with a superkick but missed and then got him with a second attempt for a pinfall at 24 seconds I think.


JZ: The actual time of the fall was 23 and second.


Mikey Tenderfoot (rejoins the interview): Alcohol helps my in ring skills. I am Mikey Tenderfoot. I am a hero.


JZ: Mikey rules.


AW: He will be interviewed at a later date.


MZ: Cheap plug in my interview time pal.


AW: You brought up impersonating Pat Powers and Frankie Capone. In Davie, Florida you became former IPW world champion Billy Fives to battle Maximum Capacity. Fives lives in Miami, what did it feel like going to his stomping grounds as him?


MZ: It was a no-win situation. When they told me who I was wrestling I ran in fear. I thought it would be funny because Billy had once choked out Max in a match.


JZ: Does Billy really need a reason to choke someone out? Ask (Tough Enough 2s) Hawk.


MZ: As soon as I found out I was wrestling him in Davie I told Billy what I was going to do. Billy and I traded t-shirts and parts of his outfit. The fans had never seen me before so they didnt get the gimmick or why I did the clap because Billy doesnt do the clap down there like he does at other IPW shows.


JZ: Hes like Johnny Swinger down there man or Julio Dinero. Did you know dinero means money in Spanish?


AW: Remind me not to let you ramble anymore. You also defended against Capone as you became Frankie Capone. You also were witness to the birth of Double Deuce Inc.


MZ: I definitely would like to say you dont want to take chops from Pat Powers, Pat McGroin and Frankie Capone.


JZ: Cannon just choked you out.


MZ: When Powers came out I thought he was coming to save me and then McGroin came out in what I thought was a show of respect. Then the two of them jumped the two of us. My worst injury came as I was lying in the corner. Frankie tossed the title belt at me, it bounced and it hit me in the McGroin damaging my testicular fortitude. Needed to ice that down all week long.


JZ: Vince McMahon had nothing on your grapefruits my pal.


AW: Speaking of Vince McMahon. One night you became Stone Cold Steve Austin while.


MZ: What??


AW: I was saying.


MZ: What??


AW: This guy became Mr. McMahon.


MZ: I thought it would have been funnier if he got on the mic as Vince. He does a great Vince.


Job becomes Vince McMahon: Shaaaaaatup!!!!!!!


MZ: There you go. He doesnt to anything that would ever get him buried with Vince. But he does have Vinces mannerisms down real good.


JZ: It was the night of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup and Billy Kidman was in the crowd. I tried not to go over the top. He had a little smirk on his face. That made my night.


MZ: I wanted him to walk up to Kidman and tell himgo ahead say it Job.


Job becomes Vince one more time: Yourrrrrrrrrrrrr Fired!!!!!!!!!!!


MZ: Thats for your personal use since this is a print interview.


AW: Time to put the screws to your ego. You are the former IPW champion losing the title to Comic Book Guy Anderson. Memories of your match from Paybacks Are Hell 2003 as you became Matt Hardy, Version 1.


MZ: I thought the match was great. I had wrestled CBG before. He usually works the arm and I blocked it. I didnt realize he could switch his attack to my leg which had been hurt at IPW/Expo hall show. Due to our schedule it never got time to heal fully. He knew it and attacked it. I would have done the same thing. The fact that Frankie Capone hit me chair cost me the belt.


Comic Book Guy Anderson joins us for a moment.


CBGA: It was a great match. Being we are great friends. The crowd was popping. He hit me with a DDT on the floor Jeff Hardy style. We had a solid hard hitting match. I came out on top but I lost it to Steve Madison on the last IPW show.


AW: If the members of Double Deuce Inc. read this what would you say to them?


MZ: Well you had Cannon was here and made me run of like a little girl. Thanks for embarrassing me.


AW: No problem.


MZ: I wasnt prepared for him to be swinging a bat around.


JZ: You dont even have your gear on.


MZ: Seriously Im coming for all of you. Whether youre at Dennys being interviewed by Alan or in a 7-11 bathroom doing unspeakable things, I will be waiting.  But please wash your hands when youre done.


AW: Whos next on the Mark Zout hit list?


Mark Zout becomes Goldberg: Did you say WHOS NEXT!!!!


AW: Yeah I did, answer the question please.


MZ: Well tonight I am the Godfather and he will be Val Venis. I wanted to be a ho but he claims not to have a body to wear a mini-skirt. Thank god.


AW: Where do you hope to be at the end of 2003?


MZ: The end of 2003 I would like to get the IPW TV title back or move along to maybe the tag team titles with Job.


JZ: A belt, cool. These draw strings are not helping keep up my pants.


MZ: Maybe even a run at the IPW world title.


Thanks to Mark and Job Zout for their time. Thanks as well to Mikey Tenderfoot, Rod Steel, Cannon and Comic Book Guy Anderson for stopping by. IPW news can be seen online at  or . For more interviews log onto