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Interview with Billy Fives
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BILLY FIVES is a former IPW Heavyweight Champion and an integral part of the Alliance of Defiance, along with SCOOT ANDREWS, MIKE SULLIVAN and ROD STEEL. He is currently one of the brightest stars on the independent wrestling scene, recently ranked #201 in this year's PWI 500. Mr. Fives captured the IPW Heavyweight Title from A.J. STYLES on December 8, 2001, but lost it to now stablemate MIKE SULLIVAN on May 24, 2002, in Deltona, Florida. He recently competed for the WWE at a recent Tampa SmackDown taping, teaming with SCOOT ANDREWS and emerging victorious. This past year he also traveled to Combat Zone Wrestling where he wrestled JUSTICE PAIN in a scientific classic, Mr. Fives was also part of a historic ladder match with SCOOT ANDREWS this past March in the ECWA. Mr. Fives readies now for an NWA Florida title match on January 25th at IPW/NWA Floridas The Aftermath show against champion DANNY DORING. This interview took place on January 11th after he was told by IPW management he would be traveling to Japan in March to work for World Japan Pro wrestling.

Alan Wojcik: How did Billy Fives get into professional wrestling?
Billy Fives: I grew up watching the business and I grew up with (former WCW star) Norman Smiley. Hanging out one day after I quit shoot fighting, Norman asked me if I wanted to come to a wrestling school. As a joke I said yes, six years later I owe every ache and pain to Norman.

AW: Who were your favorites growing up?
BF: Growing in Miami Beach, I watched the NWA at the Miami Convention center on Wednesday nights watching Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat and Barry Windham. Gordon Solie, channel six Saturdays at noon was the thing to watch.

AW: How does your martial arts training impact in your abilities in the ring?
BF: The discipline and the body control yeah. Unfortunately for the other workers, I am one of the more painful guys to work.

AW: How many black belts do you hold?
BF: I just bought three in Macys last week (laughs.) Seriously I hold what would be considered black belts in three disciplines.

AW: When was your first match was and how was it against?
BF: It was April of 1997 against Flex Magnum in Hollywood, Florida.

AW: How many federations have you worked for?
BF: Take every letter in the alphabet, jumble them up in a big word scramble (Interviewer note: Mr. Fives website lists WCW, WWE, FOW, ECWA, IPW Hardcore, Combat Zone Wrestling,) Ive been to South America, the Caribbean and Saudi Arabia.

AW: Do you prefer the independent circuits or the chances you had working on WCW and WWE syndicated shows?
BF: I prefer working the independents. I have been talked to signing with WWE but Im not really all that interested. I am a college teacher and make more then the WWE couldnt afford me (laughs.)

AW: Doing research to prepare for this interview I came across the Animal House, care to elaborate for me?
BF: Animal House is my gym in Hollywood, Florida. I made an alliance with some of the kids I trained down there who have worked their way though the business like (FOW International champion) David Babylon. As a joke I told them we would call ourselves that and they popped for it.

AW: Is there a particular federation you have fond memories of?
BF: The best crowds I ever worked in front of was in ECWA. Jim Ketner runs a classy promotion. The funny part right across the bridge in Philadelphia would be my next favorite in CZW. Those fans are just insane.

AW: Who has been your favorite opponent(s)?
BF: I love working with Mike Sullivan, Scoot Andrews, Low Ki, and Anthony Adonis. I cant pick one favorite, but if pressed I would say Low Ki. We love kicking the crap out of each other.

AW: What did you think of being listed in the PWI 500?
BF: To be honest I never saw the issue but got told about it. Im not a big mark for the business. I happen to know that much of that list is a work. Most of those guys arent even workers. I just enjoy being in the ring and I ignore most of the dirt sheet stuff.

AW: What was your initial reaction when told you will be working for Riki Choshus World Japan Pro Wrestling?
BF: I marked out. I fought over there professionally for three years and to go back and work for such an established personality like Choshu. This will be my first time wrestling over there and from what I know there are no wrestling fans like Japanese fans.

AW: How did you feel when you were approached to be in the Alliance of Defiance?
BF: Well I get to hang out with three incredibly talented guys. The only bad part is I dont get to work against them. I popped being told you are going to be the main storyline and focus of the company. I am honored.

AW: How does IPW promoter Ron Neimi compare to other people you have worked for?
BF: Hes got the highest tolerance for liquor of any promoter Ive met, while being 42 and weighing 210 pounds (laughs.) Ron is cool in that he runs a tight ship but can admit to not knowing as much about wrestling like myself or Scoot (Andrews) or Sully (Mike Sullivan.) He gives us free reign but has confidence that we are doing whats best for the company.

AW: What do you hope the future holds for Billy Fives?
BF: In wrestling I honestly dont care. Im going to keep doing this until I dont want to and I can walk away. The only certain thing is I will be preparing to open another Animal House in Mt. Dora, Florida.

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