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Interview with Maximum Capacity
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Maximum Capacity is the largest professional wrestler working today. He may stand less than 6 ft 5 inches, but he weighs in at over 600 pounds. He is a former FOW hardcore champion. This interview coverers Maxs varied professions of the past, his present wrestling career and his future endeavors in Europe and possibly a return to IPW Hardcore. This interview was conducted before Max watched an IPW Hardcore show in the famed Florida Wrestleplex of St. Petersburg.


Alan Wojcik: Where did you grow up and was wrestling apart of your childhood?


Maximum Capacity: I was born in Newark, New Jersey but I have lived the most of my life in Florida. I didnt start following wrestling until the late 90s. Growing up I watched a little bit of the WWE when they did the Saturday Nights Main Event shows. Football was really part of my childhood.


AW: Is it true that you are a well accomplished bowler?


Max: At one time I was a very good bowler. I hold a 300 game to my credit. Any one that knows about bowling, I was a legit 220 bowler until I began training for wrestling, then I gave it up.


AW: When did you begin bouncing and can you tell me where you worked?


Max: Since I became an adult (Max is 25 years old.) I retired from bouncing and bounty hunting about four years ago. I bounced in many what you can call gentleman clubs throughout Florida.


AW: How did bouncing lead to body guarding and can you tell us about who you gave guarded?


Max: I wont drop any names but many of my clients knew me from when they frequented the gentleman clubs where I bounced. They asked me if I would accompany them on trips. It was more a side job for me.


AW: How did all of that lead to bounty hunting? What was the largest bounty you ever collected on?


Max: Need of money led me to become a bounty hunter. There is tons of money to be made but it is very dangerous, even as much of a bad ass as I am. I am semi-retired from it and Johnny Vandal is a dick.


(Johnny Vandal stands in front of Max giving him an obscene finger gesture)


Max: I semi-retired from it because I felt it was time and I am lucky. I count my blessings every day that something bad never went down. I made upwards of hundred of thousands of dollars throughout my career.


AW: What led you to becoming a professional wrestler and training with the school of hard knocks of south Florida?


Max: I stumbled upon Florida Championship Wrestlings website one day. I had no idea that independent wrestling existed. I only thought there were the big three of WWE, WCW and ECW. I felt I have a unique look, Im big and bad. So I decided to attend one of their shows in June of 1999. I knew nothing of going to wrestling school. (Former IPW World champion) Billy Fives who was wrestling as Billy Viper befriended me and he is the reason I began training.


AW: Who ran the training classes and what did the training consist of?


Max: When I went through school it was run by Rusty Brooks and Flex Magnum. There were many veterans around like Billy Fives, Sean Allen, the Market Crashers, Bruno Sassi and Dave Johnson. All of those guys helped train me. They taught me the basics, but I learned lots more when I began actually getting into matches due to my size. Rusty knows how to wrestle as a big guy but he could only teach me so much.


AW: Where did the name Maximum Capacity come from and how much of you is the character of Maximum Capacity?


Max: I was named by Bobby Rogers and Jodi X of FOW. They had the name for years but were waiting for the right person to come along. Max and I are as close to you can get when you put a person and his gimmick together. What you see is what you get. Max might be a little less caring than me and he might not care what his actions will lead to.


AW: What are your first match memories?


Max: I dont remember any of it. Rusty Brooks decided to work me in a cowbell match and I got a concussion, thanks Rusty. Ive seen it on tape a few thousand times and after I get done throwing up from watching it, I learned from it the finishes arent always as they are called in the back. Sometimes you have to improvise.


AW: What was the first promotion you got your big break with, was it Future of Wrestling?


Max: FOW was the first place that gave me my big start. I worked for IPWA and SFCW but they were the same kind of fed. FOW gave me the name and the big push.


AW: Not long after you were joined FOW, you were involved in a match with between Dave Johnson and Jerry Lawler. What was it like to be in a match with Jerry Lawler?


Max: That was nine months into my training. I was sh#$@ng bricks at the time to be in the same match and Dave and Jerry Lawler. Here is a WWE guy I see on Raw and now here he is in front of me. I was given the biggest spot in the match. I am the reason Dave goes over in the match and it led to lots of heat from the veterans in the back. They didnt think I deserved it, they felt they deserved it. Later on I realized it is about size and character and not how much you have paid your dues. I felt guilty but I my never get that chance again.


AW: Not long after that match you got in the ring with a man called the Punisher. What is it like to wrestle that large man?


Max: Oh my god that guy is stiff. We went to a no-contest and thank god because it ended the beating. He is the largest person Ive sever seen but a very nice guy out of the ring, not to ruin his image. He blew me up because he was tossing me around like I was a doll.


AW: What was it like to wrestle Bruno Sassi in December of 2001?


Max: That is my favorite worker. He is the best guy in the ring. It was 14-15 months from when my training began and I worked him for the FOW international title. This guy put me over like a million bucks. He sold for me like I was a veteran and hes been wrestling for over ten years. That is my greatest match to date. I will never forget what he did for me in that match.


AW: You are a former FOW Hardcore title holder, defeating Bobby Rogers.


Max: That was on the same night as I wrestled Bruno, so that was a good night for me. Unfortunately some personal issues came up and I was stripped of the title about two months later having to wrestle and lose it to Barry Horowitz, who we know is not a hardcore wrestler. 2002 was supposed to have been my year going from the hardcore title to possibly the heavyweight belt, but I had to take time off.


AW: Is it true you were in a car accident?


Max: The car accident was a work to cover my injury that happened about one year ago. I was in the hospital for a leg injury that led me to be in the ICU unit for five days. I was knocking on deaths door. The doctors told me that if they hadnt stopped the infection from spreading through my body, I would have died within a few weeks. I am lucky to be here sitting talking to you or anyone for that matter.


AW: You mentioned Billy Fives, what is it like to wrestle Billy?


Max: Billy Fives is a marshmallow.


(David Babylon stops to taunt Max.)


Max: But David Babylon is probably softer. Seriously, Billy was an honor to work with. He is one of the better workers around many people dont know it but that match was a lesson match. It was supposed to be a shoot, Billy had his Japanese martial arts gear ready to go out there and kick the hell out of me, but thank god Bruno Sassi made Billy change his mind. It was still a shoot but not the way Billy wanted. It was the first time I bled the hard way. We were still shooting because Billy was tired of my antics and my attitude but the boys of IPW saw the match and that match got me into IPW Hardcore. They saw I kept coming back for more from Billy. After the match I went to the back and didnt go nuts and carry on. Billy and I are good friends because of that match.


AW: Unfortunately as we sit here FOW is defunct. Can you comment on some former FOW workers that have become successes in IPW Hardcore? For example your comments on David Babylon.


Max: David and I go back a while. We trained together when he first started; but we dont have the relationship I would like to have. I wish we were closer friends. I think he looks down on me as a wrestler. He doesnt give me the respect I feel I deserve as you just witnessed. I like him but we seem to clash. The kid is going to be good, but he is still green. He will be great because he lives this sport and he paying his dues.


AW: What about Antonio Banks?


Max: He might be the closest guy to being the 100 if you rated someone on their physique, attitude, charisma, look and professionalism, he would be a 99. His physical build is amazing. He is true heavyweight but he can go with the cruiserweights. He is the closest big thing ahead of Brock Lesnar. He should be one of the big boys on the indy scene.


AW: What about the trio from the mean streets of Boca Raton, Ricky, Tommy and Johnny Vandal?


Max: Many people say that Johnny is the best of that threesome. Johnny is only 18 and he has been working for 2 years. If he works and dedicates himself he will be one of the best. Tommy is one of the most underrated workers around. He has great skills and can make himself into a great singles wrestler. Ricky unfortunately is not into wrestling as much as the other guys should be.


AW: The last people we will talk about are the Allens who also work as Suicidal Tendencies.


Max: Sean Allen is a big favorite of mine, I mark out for him. I know Dennis Allen as well. Sean is great in the ring. Ive wrestled those guys a few times. Many dont know Seans name because he has a life outside of the ring. He is a great worker, as well as Dennis who has paid his dues in this business. They are great tag team.


(Naphtali stops by to listen in on the interview)


AW: What is it like being a large man and wrestling a cruiserweight like Naphtali?


Max: Believe it on not we had a great match on FOW TV. It made sense for us to be in there together and I think he will agree, we had a great match even though I outweigh him by 500 pounds


Naphtali: I agree it was a great match, I went in thinking this was going to be the drizzling sh#$s. but it turned out well and it got over.


(Naphtali leaves and we thank him for stopping by)


AW: Many IPW fans will remember you debuting in IPW when you helped Bobby Rogers win the IPW Hardcore title at "the Aftermath" from Havoc, Kubiak and Chaos. Were you nervous appearing on a show that also had on it Mike Awesome and then NWA World champion Jeff Jarrett?


Max: Not at all. The only time I get nervous in the ring is when the fear of getting tired washes over me. I can work in front of millions and getting in front of a camera. Fans might not realize it, when you get blown up you lose your entire thought process. You wonder where your next breath is coming from and you forget the match. Many may say get in shape, well I weigh 600 pounds. Part of my gimmick is blowing up in the ring. Im not ashamed of it. Im not an incredible cardio freak like these guys. As far as the Aftermath show, it was cool to be around guy like Jarrett and Awesome. I think I deserved the hardcore title since I did all the work that night.


AW: You have wrestled Billy Fives, but what was it like to wrestle Superfan Mark Zout as Billy Fives when Zout was the IPW TV champion in match in Davie, Florida?


Max: I saw that on the booking sheet and thought you got to be kidding. It was a great rib. The fans in Davie werent going to get the gimmick, not understanding why he was dressing as Billy. We did many things in that match that Billy and I did, including the choke out. Mark was a good champion. I would love to see Mark Zout as Maximum Capacity, go out there get blown up and not even wrestle a match (laughs.)


AW: You were supposed to be in the Rage in the Cage match which is a come as you are elimination cage match. But the other competitors didnt even let you get in the cage. Any memories of that night?


Max: Lets do the math here. I am 600 pounds going into a cage that I could barely fit through. Now if I fit through the door, do you think anyone is going to toss me out the door or over the top of the cage?? No way. So the IPW guys might be dumb, but they figure if Max Cap gets in the ring, Max Cap will win the match and he gets a shot at whatever belts he wants. I thought I would go right after the IPW World tag titles and be champion all by myself. There was a big conspiracy in the IPW office and locker room. No matter what you do, keep him out of the cage. This is my first show back to IPW since then, almost five months ago. Any coincidence there?? The office knows they cant control me and I am not a pretty boy champion. I go in there and kick peoples butts. Guys like Billy Fives, Lex Lovett and Scoot Andrews are pretty boys. They wrestle without their shirts. Ron Niemi, the four foot tall man, marks out to these guys and makes them champions.


AW: You have website, How did your site mascot come to be Grumpy Bear of the Care Bears?


Max: Well it is because he is grumpy all the time and so am I. Max Cap has a soft side, not only in my belly. There are times when I will sit and watch love story and a tear will come to my eye. Because rather than be laughing, I will say that stupid witch is playing this guy for a fool, all along she was playing this guy for a fool. So Grumpy Bear is there strictly there as sarcasm to mock society and the Care Bear freaks out there.


AW: What did you do to celebrate your 25th birthday?


Max: I went out to a FSCW show. Worst experience of my life. The show was fine but there was some backstage stuff that occurred that should never happen on any show and it cost me working on another groups show. Other than that I eat a pizza and drank a six pack.


AW: You were recently on the world famous Jerry Springer show. What is it like to be on Jerry?


Max: It was fun. My show was their most watched episode ever in their history. I was the most over guest on any talk show ever. They flew me up there two times to film it. I would like to go back again. I had the boys calling me up raving about it.


AW: Recently you ended your affiliation with Can you talk about what happened?


Max: Two reasons, one the guy who runs it is a big time mark. Real wrestlers cant handle marks, its a known fact. The other is he didnt like the way I acted on the show, a lady guest told him I wasnt nice to her. Maximum Capacity hasnt changed the way he has acted in two years. My sense of humor might have caused the breakup. Ever since I left his show has gone down hill.


AW: You will be going to Europe in the next few weeks. What can you tell the readers about this trip?


Max: I am going over to Austria on October 7th to wrestle Chris the Bambi Killer on a EWA show on October 11th. Their booker was surfing the net and he found my site. He was enamored with my incredible girth and me being the largest wrestler alive. Thats a shoot, at 600 pounds I am the largest professional athlete working. He was only going to have me wrestle a match but they decided to put me against their champion. It is going to be my first international exposure and I am excited. I hope to bring back their world title belt.


AW: On a closing note, what do you hope the future holds for Maximum Capacity?


Max: I hope to be part of IPW; I think they are the best independent promotion going. I want to tour Europe and that looks to be coming to be in early 2004. My biggest goal is to work with IPW and hope Vince McMahon brings in the real BIG SHOW, Maximum Capacity!!


Many thanks to Maximum Capacity for his time. Check out his site .  



When I last spoke to MAXIMUM CAPACITY he was in final preparation for a trip to Austria to wrestle Chris the Bambi Killer Raeber on a European Wrestling Association event. Since that trip many things have happened to the gentle giant including a new hairstyle and a changed outlook on the business of professional wrestling and his place in it. Enough hype, from our conversation on May1, 2004, I will let MAX SPEAK.


Alan Wojcik: Just as a way of recapping please tell the readers how you were booked for EWA.


Maximum Capacity: The booker for EWA stumbled upon my website one evening; I guess he was searching for new talent. He liked my look plus me being 600 pounds, the largest athlete in the world, helped along with a great website. So he emailed me and asked me if I would come work in Europe.


AW: You made a long trip over to face the EWA Heavyweight champion Chris the Bambi Killer Raeber. Please talk about the match and did the European round system take you out of your game at all?


Max: Actually it helped me catch my breath. Wrestling in Europe is like boxing with the three minute round system. The European people miss wrestling and thats why they booked me to create a fan craze for it.


AW: Were there any places that you dined in that you would recommend to people when they travel to Austria?


Max: I only went out twice because I was in kayfabe mode 24/7. In Europe they still believe in the kayfabe/old school system. One night I ate Mexican food that was wings, ribs and other items. Best food I had in a while. The other time as at a fair where I had to promote the event. Other than that I stayed in my hotel room.


AW: Are there any plans for you to return overseas?


Max: I was set on a tour of Egypt this past March but that got pushed to later this summer. I am scheduled to return to Austria in July or August. I am looking forward to a big summer.


AW: Being the nice, sensitive, big hearted person you are when you came back to NWA Florida this past fall for their Hostile Takeover event you were booked in a hardcore match with Chaos and Havok. How does a nice guy like you fair in hardcore matches?


Max: Its funny promoters look at me and think this guy belongs in our hardcore division. Yeah I like to beat people up but I dont need weapons like some guys. If I cant do damage with these two fists I dont need to be wrestling. These hardcore guys need chairs, stop signs, barbwire, bats, light bulbs and tables to beat each other up. If you book me in a hardcore match, I will do it hardcore where you will bleed the natural way. Hardcore to me is kicking butt without the props these boys use; you will know what hit you.


AW: At their next event called Total Annihilation you faced off with Chaos and OG Scarface.


Max: Nothing against Chaos, he is a nice guy but he is strictly hardcore. OG Scarface can do that but he also can wrestle. I think OG worked hardcore matches so he could get booked by some promotions. I got hit with one of his famous speed limit signs and got some good color. His girlfriend/valet/manager Ana Moisity (Ana Mosity) cost me the match by hitting me with a hard shot to the balls.


The Miami Pound Machine Rod Steel never one to be quiet around an interview steals my recorder.


Rod Steel: You know whats great about Maximum Capacity, no matter the bad things said about him but you go anywhere and Max will tell you where the best buffet deals in town and where the hot hole is in that town. Because other than Max no one knows hole better than the Miami Pound Machine Rod Steel and Mikey Tenderfoot.


Rod Steel returns the recorder to my hand as Max is not amused by the comments.


AW: At Seasons Beatings you were the odds on favorite to win the bunkhouse battle royal to name the number one contender to the NWA Florida Heavyweight title then held by Steve Madison. But you got eliminated by all of the competitors.


Max: In my career I have been in at least 24 battle royals and been over the top rope twice. The first time was my rookie year when I broke my ankle. That match in December it took ten guys including Frankie Capone, Danny Doring, Bruce Steele and Pete Cannon and I didnt go out easily. When I am in the ring I am the biggest, baddest man around and if I dont want to go you will need everyone in the match to toss me out. Tonight at Rage in the Cage VI if I do enter the cage match there is no way I will be eliminated unless I decide to leave. (Note: Max left the cage after being paid by the Illustrious One Shannon Rose to destroy Kevin Devine who had screwed him over early in the event.)


AW: At the Violence Is Golden event you took a tough competitor named Sedrick Strong. How does one wrestle a contender for the X division title?


Max: Actually Sedrick and I worked well both times we have faced off in the ring. Sedrick is underrated and was there for everything we called. I want to work him again in the future.


AW: In what was supposed to be a singles encounter at Mark of the Mask you defeated Uptown Frankie Capone but actually pinned his Double Deuce cohort Pete Cannon to get the win.


Max: If you read the card it said Frankie Capone with Cannon not Frankie Capone with Cannon on the floor the whole match. So in my opinion I thought both men were facing me and Cannon was too scared to face me. Anytime I see two people on the card and at the ringside area it doesnt matter manager, valet or tag team partner I am wrestling both people. I happened to pin Cannon that night since came out to the ring they dressed like twins, the Olson Twins, the Shane Twins. I got the twin and David Babylon is my twin.


Maxs friend NWA Florida and Pro Wrestling Fusion star David Babylon walks by our seats.


AW: At the  NWA Florida event Crossing the Line you wrestled the former NWA Florida Heavyweight and IPW World champion Bruce dont call me Agent  Steele.


Max: The crowd wasnt as big as it could have been and we had some ring technical difficulties so Bruce and I were limited to what we could do. But Bruce Steele is everything you hear about. He is one big dude and wow he can wrestle. I hope to wrestle him once again, what a true professional. He is a nice guy outside the ring but in the ring watch out because he puts a little fear in this 600 pound man.


AW: Speaking of putting fear in peoples hearts at an SPW event you got in the ring with the Hardcore Monster Kubiak.


Max: Kubiak is a very nice guy and I love him to death but that gimmick doesnt work for him. I wont into much detail about the match but he said somethings during the match that you shouldnt say.


AW: On occasion you work on the east coast of Florida for NWA Sunray. On one event you and your partner for the evening Big Dog James Bullock took on NASDAQ and Dow Jones, the Market Crashers.


Max: They are two guys that helped me train for wrestling. They are very old school. They were trained by Billy Fives who also helped me out. That match was the most I have been over as a baby since the Crashers are the ultimate heels. They know what it takes to get the baby over and have no issue in selling for him.


AW: Many people know you have a website, what led you re-design the site?


Max: The biggest mistake I made was changing my colors to bright red and black. I originally had black with red flames. I got called the Kool Aid man one too many times. I looked at myself and realized they were right and its not easy to be a 600 pound monster when people chant Kool Aid! During my search for new gear I found out wrestling gear is expensive, $500 for mine without the boots. So the change will come soon even thought Im not sure how much longer I will wrestle.


AW: On your site you have an area called Max Speaks. In your February 12th column you spoke out on the current state of professional wrestling. For those that havent been to the site please summarize your feelings.


Max: I may get heat for those comments as well as this but I have to say them. At 600 pounds I am one unique individual like me or not. There have been a handful of people with the agility, skill, charisma, and the look I have in this business. You may have some big men but I am 600 pounds and I can move in the ring. I dont get blown up. I am trained, I can work a match and I dont need to use the ropes to keep myself up. I dont see a need to breakout my wrestling encyclopedia because it wont make sense in the ring. I can do the tackle drop down hip toss leapfrog spot. I dont need to do a highspot match. I go out there to entertain and get the crowd in the match. This goes for every fed I have worked for except for EWA if I was used properly and looked at me from a money making standpoint, given mic time because I can cut a mean promo, they would see I am a once in a lifetime wrestler. I would put my career on the line if you give me the chance in three months I would be the biggest heel in your promotion if given the proper push or I will retire. I am that damn good and no one understands that. It seems its all about the flippy flop spots and who you know and who you blow. I have never kissed ass and I love this business that I have bled, cried, sweat and lost money for. I will never trade it in and I want to succeed but I am being kept down by every single fed I work for. Nobody will push me the right way and thats bullsh#$. I got fed up after I came back from Europe. I train everyday with Billy Fives in the Animal House and am in great shape and I am still being held down.


AW: For those that havent seen recent photos of you, you have a new haircut. Why did you lose the mohawk?


Max: I am trying to go babyface in all the promotion I work for. I didnt get the heel push I deserved so I turned face in NWA Sunray and its happening in other promotions. Hopefully I can get a big push as the big jolly fat guy. The new hair gives me a more pleasant look.


AW: This maybe a very sensitive topic but I feel the need to ask you about it. Former FOW owner Bobby Rogers AKA Michael Rapuano was recently arrested after being a fugitive. Do you wish to give your feelings on his past wrong doings?


Max: Yeah what took so long? Bobby and I butted heads since day one; he wanted to be the big man around and do things his way. Not many people know we were partners in FOW. We ran things despite the boys looking down on it. I brought TV into FOW. Bobby was deathly afraid of me to the point he looked for people to kill me. I got into major heat from all the sh#$ he pulled. He is lots of trouble and he is where he belongs.


AW: To go in the opposite direction you were part of the most popular Jerry Springer shows ever. Is there a chance that you might be making another appearance on the show?


Max: That show actually airs now and then in a classic Springer showcase. The thing is I entertain and I like to do it. I want to be a TV and movie star. I like to be in front of camera and I am very comfortable in the lights. Jerry called me for a month straight begging me to come up for a taping.


Billy Fives: Max Cap sucks ass, usually Bobby Rogers.


Max: That was Billy Fives all 5 foot 2 of him. The thing keeping from me from going back to Jerry is they wanted me to bring a girl and none of these bitches would take the trip with me. Jerry wants me back big time so if any women want to come on Jerry Springer and get their toes sucked by Maximum Capacity let me know.


Billy Fives: Tell them what I did to you December you now the fu#$ing date you mark tell them what I did to you in the ring. I broke you!!


Max: Please remember wrestling is a work and its designed before hand and Billy Fives got a circle around his name that day.


Billy Fives: Lets do it with no circles. I do one impression (Billy clucks like a chicken for several seconds.)


Max: Actually that chicken impression he did was me on the Springer show. Billy Fives is a huge Maximum Capacity mark and he watches my episode each day of his life.


AW: Being you were a heel for a long time, what was the dumbest thing a fan ever said to you that made you come close to breaking character?


Max: I get a reaction from fans but the ones that are 10 rows back. If you watch tapes of my matches you will see me confront every person in the front row and they all turn away in fear. I get some comments but not to my face.


AW: Hopefully it wasnt one of mine what was the dumbest interview question you had asked of you?


Max: Its usually bobby Rogers stuff. You were fine with your one question. I havent done anything embarrassing in my career. I have gone places in my career because of me not because of friends or some booker making a phone call. Im not saying everyone else lacks talent but everyone gets everyone booked but Max. I wish to use this interview to say if Im not booked properly I will retire from wrestling.


AW: If you did retire which would happen first, you returning to bounty hunting or you joining the professional bowlers tour? (Max was a good amateur bowler before wrestling.)


Max: Thanks to wrestling I can barely walk. Those that bowl know you need to be in good shape in both knees and cant even have a hang nail to bowl. I would go back to bounty hunting. I am retired but when you need money you do what you have to do.


Thanks to Maximum Capacity for his time. Be sure to see his site listed above.