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Interview with Roderick & Sedrick Strong
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THE STRONG BROTHERS, Roderick and Sedrick, are one of the most popular tag teams in IPW. Led to the ring by their valet SO CAL VAL, these two brothers have overcome insurmountable odds in their quest to become IPW Tag Team Champions. A goal they achieved on June 28, 2002 when they defeated WRONGFUL DEATH. They were defeated for those titles in what some call the most bloody steel cage match in IPW history when they lost to NATURALLY MARVELOUS in a truly historic encounter. Since then, The Strong Brothers have been on a mission to win back the tag team titles and have joined with THE SHANE BROTHERS in their battle with Alliance of Defiance. This feud seems far from over as the Strongs continue their quest to win back the IPW Tag Team Titles. The Strongs have also worked for NWA Wildside and Jersey All-Pro. This interview took place on February 8th before the Valentines Massacre show as the twosome dined on a pre-match meal.

Alan Wojcik: Did you want to be wrestlers growing up?

Roderick Strong: Our dad started training in the fall of 1994 with Jim The Anvil Neidhart and I started going to training sessions with him. I watched it and I liked what I saw. I began wrestling with Davey Boy Smiths son, Harry at the gym. When they moved back to Canada, I kept pursuing training on my own with dad.

Sedrick Strong: It was something I saw on TV and decided I want to do that. I had a lot of energy and aggression and this is the perfect way to get it out.

AW: Who was your trainer?

Roderick: Jim Neidhart trained me for a couple of months. Then it was a variety of people, the Warlord, Prince Iaukea (sic) and my dad.

Sedrick: There were many but mainly it was my brother RODERICK STRONG!

AW: Did you have role models that you followed for in ring style?

Roderick: I basically created my own character. I like a lot of people but I only took moves not in character traits.

Sedrick: Im the same way he is. I didnt model myself off anyone.

AW: You guys have anything to share on your NWA Wildside trips?

Roderick: Its a whole lot of fun (laughs.) The talent up there is really good. Bill Behrens is a good guy but for some reason he doesnt like me. I like David Young, AJ Styles and Jimmy Rave. Those guys were cool to us anytime we went there.

Sedrick: Wildside was great to me. Bill Behrens liked my brothers chest a whole lot (laughs.) The talent was awesome as well as great ring and venue.

AW: How was Jersey All-Pro different from Wildside?

Roderick: I think Wildside bases their talent and schemes off the northeast. Thats seems to be what the internet marks are all about, the northeast. They use the high spot style. The crowd was nastier to us, a lot more vulgar. I prefer Jersey All-Pro due to their atmosphere.

AW: What led the two of you to IPW Hardcore?

Roderick: (Our) Dad had worked for them for a couple of years. I got out of the business for a while due to school obligations. After I graduated I got a tryout and made it in.

Sedrick: He got me in, simple as that (laughs.)

AW: You two had a short stint as a team upon joining IPW, then had a match against each other on 5/1/02.

Roderick: It was a little test to see who is better. That happens to guys at our age. Were very competitive and wanted to see who had it.

Sedrick: Obviously I was better since I won the match. It was how it worked out. Fights happen between brothers.

AW: What was Risk Factor?

Roderick: Risk Factor was a joke (laughs.) Nothing against Ron Neimi, but I was stuck with Kamikaze Kid and Kid Lethal. Neither had the same work ethic as I do, going to the gym and training in the ring. They were into whatever else they do. I dont tell anyone about, too late (laughs.)

AW: What led to the reuniting of the Strong Brothers?

Roderick: I was stuck in the Risk Factor group and we were tagging in other promotions. So I talked to Ron and told him my idea and he brought Sedrick in and here we are.

AW: Wrestling the Shane Brothers, is it as vicious as it looks?

Roderick: They are two very classy guys who could break us into pieces. They are so huge and they are as aggressive as it looks. You take your beatings and learn from it.

Sedrick: Theyre amazing workers who can do any style, Luchadore and the like.

AW: On 6/28/02 you became IPW tag team champions.

Roderick: That was a total rush. After the Shanes and other teams had held the belts it was an honor.

Sedrick: It was the greatest moment of my career.

AW: Then you lost them in a cage match against Naturally Marvelous on 9/20/02. Any memories of that match?

Roderick: I dont have any. I watched it 15 times and I cant remember being in there.

Sedrick: I remember it from start to finish. I remember when Roderick hit his head and went out on his feet (Interviewers note: Roderick suffered a grade 3 concussion.) I smacked my head on the cage a couple of times. Mike Sullivan landed on his head and it was disgusting. The referee (Star Stevens) wanted to stop it and I told him to shut up or Id kill him. Blood went on the fans and lots of screaming.

AW: You recently had a dark match with NWA: TNA.

Roderick: I was nervous. Its a step to the next level, the fed. Everyone was nice to us. The atmosphere was very professional and thats how I like to work in this business.

Sedrick: It was an honor. We spent a month planning everything out. It was surprising to meet people who you hear are jerks and they were cool. Great place to work.

AW: You are involved in a feud with the Alliance of Defiance, any comments on the AOD?

Roderick: Theyre pieces of #$%&. They will do anything to win and never face us in a straight on fight. Show this to the IPW bookers and tell them we want another shot at the titles.

Sedrick He said it all, theyre pieces of #$%&. They have to hire on a ref (Mikey Tenderfoot) to beat us. I got 30 stitches from our cage match, he got a concussion. They wont give us another shot because theyre scared of us.

AW: Do you prefer tag or singles work?

Roderick: At this point in my career I prefer tag. Its brought me to another level than a singles career would.

Sedrick: I prefer tag because I dont think Im the best singles wrestler. I love playing off him and the crowd. Its better as a tag, you dont get blowed up as quick (laughs.)

AW: Word Association, Ron Neimi.

Sedrick: Toughest midget Ive ever seen.

Roderick: The man. He put me where I am today.

AW: The Shane Twins.

Sedrick: Best big men Ive ever seen.

Roderick: My big brothers who helped me get where I need to go.

AW: Naturally Marvelous.

Sedricks answer was profanity laced and not printable.

Roderick: Talented guys. I dont think we would be where are today without them.

AW: Mikey Tenderfoot.

Sedrick: The best referee Ive ever seen, bar none. He is hilarious.

Roderick: Hes one ugly #$%^&@#.

AW: Bill Behrens.

Sedrick: He likes Rodericks chest.

Roderick: Hes a nice guy.

AW: The fans of IPW.

Sedrick: Best fans in Florida. I wish they would get on the internet boards more and talk.

Roderick: Best fans in the business.

AW: Where do you hope to see the Strongs at the end of 2003?

Sedrick: The WWE.

Roderick: Either IPW tag champs or moving upwards to the fed or Japan. We have only achieved a 1/8 of what we can do.

Thanks to the Strongs for their time as this was their last interview as a tag team. After the main event of the Valentines Massacre show, the AOD kicked out Billy Fives. Roderick, Sedrick and Agent Steele stormed the ring to save Fives. In one flash, Roderick hit his brother with a chairshot to the head and joined the AOD along with Agent Steele.