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Interview with Agent Steele and Sexretary Tiffany
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AGENT STEELE is a former IPW Heavyweight Champion who lost the belt in a tremendous match to STEVE CORINO at 'Discover the Pain' on November 2, 2002. He then had the belt stolen from him in a Double Titles Ladder rematch at 'Independent Armageddon!' (11/30/02) by ROD STEEL, who wasn't even officially in the match.  Mr. Steele is always escorted to the ring his own personal Sexretary, TIFFANY, and they both plan to go full-force after the championship he felt he has never lost. He worked his first WWE dark match at the RAW in Orlando teaming with SLY, losing to THE SHANE BROTHERS, and is scheduled for a dark match with NWA TNA at the end of January. Mr. Steele is a former IPW Tag Team Champion as a member of the now-defunct QUICKIEMART. They defeated THE SHANE BROTHERS inside a steel cage at 'Hardcore Wonderland' on December 8, 2001. Mr. Steele is one of the most athletically gifted wrestlers in IPW, playing college football among other sports. Both Agent Steele and Tiffany sat for this interview on January 11th, after the IPW NEW YEARS EVIL show.

Alan Wojcik: How and when did you decide to get into professional wrestling?
Agent Steele: Well I played high school and college football. I also wrestled and I when got tired of getting hurt on the field and getting nowhere. I began training in 1998 the (former WWF stars) Bushwhackers but I learned nothing and quit their school. I was also heavier than I am now, about 280 pounds. So I lost the weight and began training with LeRoy Howard AKA The Rastaman and Pat Powers at the Florida WrestlePlex.

AW: Who was your first match with and were you nervous?
AS: I did a couple of battle royals before my first official match against Mike Sullivan, then known as the Freedom Rider, at a country-western bar called the Stampede in front of 200 people. We did it real old school. I wasnt nervous at all. Playing football in front of large crowds prepared me for that.

AW: For Tiffany, did you have apprehensions of him wrestling?
Sexretary Tiffany: I met him because he was in wrestling. I had come to a show to see a friend work. I wasnt a rat like most of the girls you see at the shows. It just happened. I love that he wrestles and I hope he never quits. (Interviewers note: Agent Steele and Tiffany are married.)

AW: What was Quickiemart?
AS: Quickiemart was a funny concept. I was in this group called the ATF. I was in it with two other guys, who were nice but they couldnt wrestle a bit. Im not trying to sound like I was good or anything, I was green as hell, and I was carrying the tag team. So we broke away and I teamed with a guy named Yassar Arafat Jr., whose name we changed with all the Middle Eastern heat. He was doing this 7-11 store clerk gimmick which was really funny. So he hired me as his security guard. I wore a 7-11 jersey and khaki pants as my costume. It worked and we were the most over tag team in Florida.

AW: Do you prefer tag as opposed to singles?
AS: Thats a hard question. I prefer tag, even with my success as a single. Working teams like the Shane twins and York/Matthews that it became second nature. There is different psychology in tag as opposed to singles work.

AW: When did Tiffany become Sexretary Tiffany?
ST: He had two different managers with Quickiemart. I felt Agent Steele was the highlight of the show and they were stealing his spotlight. I stepped in basically to manage and valet yet not steal his spotlight that he deserves.

AW: Care to go into your trips to NWA Wildside?
AS: I could shoot on them but Ill keep it clean. First time I went there it was a cool experience. I was with Rod Steel that 130 pound piece of crap, but well deal with that later. We worked Adam Booker and Dr. Heresy. I thought it was the match of the night. Second time we faced their tag team champions, the Lost Boyz. They wanted to do all these high spots which isnt Florida wrestling plus it doesnt make any sense. Rod and I being the jerks we are, of slowed the match down after letting them do their stuff at the beginning. We did heel heat. Bill Behrens was not happy and they blamed everything on us. The promoter is going to side with his boys. We thought we were in the right and made the match make sense. We got tons of heat for it.

AW: What was the WWE experience like everyone else says, you mark out?
AS: I had to be kayfabe in the back. Im one of the bigger guys on the independents. I was one of the smaller guys, so were the Shane Twins who are huge. It was me and a development guy, Sly, and me against the Shanes. When I first got out there I looked left and right and went, holy crap this is a big crowd. We got into the match, went by so fast for a six minute match, and the Shanes did a switch. They got me in a headlock and I looked over to the titantron and going, Holy @#$%, thats me up there. It was a good experience and youll see me there in the next five years.

AW: Is there excitement on going to NWA:TNA on 1/22/03?
AS: Boy is that a loaded question.
ST: If it was a televised match you would be more excited.
AS: Its a dark match to get your foot in the door, maybe. Their angles are good and they have great workers. It will be a blast and I hope to impress their bookers. Its going to be myself and Steve Madison as the Modern Day Miracle going against the Strong Brothers. So it will be a good match.

AW: Unfortunately you are the former IPW champion after your match with Steve Corino at Independent Armageddon, where Rod Steel claimed the title. Care to comment?
AS: Yeah Ill comment. I was the IPW champion for about six months. I had a match with (then NWA Southern champion) Steve Corino on November 3rd. He beat me fair and square after kicking out of my finisher. We had a ladder match since the titles were unified. Steve grabs the Southern title as I knocked him off the ladder. Its just me and the IPW title. I go to grab the belt and I tipped it. It begins to swing. Here comes Rod Steel and the Alliance of Defiance (Steel, along with Scoot Andrews, Mike Sullivan and Billy Fives comprise the group) and you know the rest.

TS: Since he won the title he has ruined its reputation.
AS: We were selling out the WrestlePlex when Agent Steele was the champ. Now were lucky if we can get two or three people there. No more about that piece of crap, that Ric Flair mark, hes doesnt deserve the press.

AW: Care to comment about your exclusion from the PWI 500.
AS: That was a bit of a shock. Some of the jabrones they put in there. Tiffany and I went over every match with guys on that list like Jorge Estrada, Jason Sugerman, Scoot Andrews Billy Fives, Mike Sullivan, the Shanes.
TS: Youve wrestled all the NWA Wildside guys on the list.

AS: 18 guys, including two 12 yrs old. Its all a big work. Its who you know and I dont care. Ive done more much in this business than half the guys on there. Granted there are lots of guys that deserve the high spots like AJ Styles and David Young.

AW: Some quick word associations. Bill Behrens.
Both: No comment.

AW: Ron Neimi
AS: A mastermind.

AW: Sexretary Tiffany.
AS: Hottest girl in wrestling.

AW: Agent Steele.
TS: Big daddy.

AW: Alliance of Defiance.
TS: You mean Alliance of (expletive deleted.)

AW: Rod steel.
AS: Ha ha! Youre not going to get anything out of that one.

AS: The best thing going today.

AW: Where do the two of you look to be by the end of 2003?
AS: Hopefully on top like we ended 2002.

Bruce Steele is a member of the Alliance of Defiance and a former NWA Florida heavyweight champion. This interview was conducted after his match with Todd Shane at the NWA Mark of the Mask event on February 28, 2004. If you do not know who Bruce Steele is read his interview in the archives the section under Agent Steele and Sexretary Tiffany.


Alan Wojcik:  Its been awhile since weve talked so lets catch up. You competed in a dark match before a Monday Night Raw in Orlando with former WWE tag team champion Sylvain Grenier against the Shane Brothers. What was it like to have someone who just broke in the business as your tag team partner?


Bruce Steele: He was pretty green. That was his first week in the WWE; he had been down at OVW for a while. The match was booked by Dean Malenko but Sylvain is a boy of Pat Patterson so the match got rebooked. The finish was me getting hit by the Shanes finishing move. Overall it was a good match but a weird experience.


AW: You also took the drive up I-75 to the TNA Asylum and did a dark match for NWA: TNA. Besides the 12 hour drive, any memories of your trip with Steve Madison and the Strong Brothers?


BS: Surprisingly we knew lots of their locker room from their trips here to Florida. That trip was before the Strongs broke up. We had a good match plotted out and we did the opening spot which was all of us doing dives onto the floor. I actually did a moonsault from the turnbuckle. That was pretty phat. We got back in the ring and we were told to take it home, so our eight minute match turned into a three minute match. I felt we didnt get over as well as we could have. Thats not the first time TNA had done that to guys. Im not sure I would do it again if I was asked.


AW: You mentioned the Strong Brothers being apart. You were part of their split as you and Roderick Strong joined the Alliance of Defiance last February. Why would you, the #1 babyface in the former IPW, join the AOD? In out last interview you dumped all over Rod Steel then a member of the AOD.


BS: You are right Rod is, was and will be a pain in the ass of Bruce Steele since he stole my name and dropped the E. Well talk about him later. My decision to join the AOD boils down to this: bitches, belts and booze, the three Bs. When I was with Tiffany I wasnt getting any ladies, she was costing me titles and there wasnt any beer to be found. You forgot to mention a couple of weeks before I joined the AOD I won the NWA Florida heavyweight title. Scoot Andrews influenced Roderick and me to join the AOD. Sedrick Strong was a thorn is Rodericks side and you can see that now since Roderick is a huge star and Sedrick is well Sedrick. I think joining the AOD was a great career move. I was sick and tired of the fans giving me no respect. I like crapping on the fans because I dont like any of them.


AW: What made you drop Agent and become Bruce Steele?


BS: Agent Steele was the name of a jobber in the 80s and I am so far from being a jobber.  I needed to change things; the Agent name hadnt done much for me since the ATF and Quickiemart tag teams. Bruce Steele has a better ring to it.


AW: You mentioned Sexretary Tiffany your now former manager. At the IPW 5th anniversary show many fans say she cost you the IPW World title in a match with then champion Lex Lovett. Why did you turn on her after the match?


BS: Like I said before she had been costing me matches. I was killing Lex just like I do all of my opponents. It was an anything goes match so I thought how sweet it would be to knock him out with his title belt. I went for the belt; Tiffany grabbed it and wouldnt let me finish off Lovett. I didnt want to hit my girl. But then here comes Lex kicking me in my shoulder, dislocating it and making me tap out to an armbar. People that know me know I dont tap out. So I got her in the ring and called her out. She apologized and said we should leave the AOD. So I agreed, gave her a kiss, then a kick to the gut and then the Big Dump (the Big Dump is a swinging sit-out rock bottom) the most devastating move in wrestling. So Tiffany is no more. Lets move on to more important stuff Alan.


AW: On one occasion you wrestled the former Florida Unified Cruiserweight champion Justice. What was it like to be in the ring with a guy so unorthodox?


Pete Cannon (walking by): Erotic.


BS: Youre right Pete it was erotic. I have respect for Justice but I will admit I took him too lightly. I thought it would be a total squash but then he started hitting me with those kicks. In the end Tiffany distracted me setting up Justices 450 splash and I got pinned. He humbled me because I thought I was going to destroy him. He was quicker that night. He should be in Japan and Mexico.


AW: At one point the AOD was the dominant force in IPW/NWA Florida when the roster included you, Scoot Andrews, Roderick Strong, Mike Sullivan, Rod Steel and then referee Mikey Tenderfoot. In September 2003, what went through you mind besides pain from a chairshot delivered by Rod Steel when Rod quit the AOD and formed the Untouchables with Tenderfoot?


BS: It wasnt a big surprise. Rod Steel is a shady character who will stab you in the back and then stay there twisting the knife. Rod I expected it from you. I told Scoot and Mike that once Mikey left the AOD you werent too far behind. Rod is the type that needs to be out in front and the center of attention. Rod was jealous of me getting title shots. I feel like a dumbass for not seeing it sooner.


AW: During some down time in your Florida schedule, you made a trip up north to work EWA.


BS: One of the bookers up there is an old friend Dr. Heresy; Florida fans should know his name from his work with IPW and NWA Florida. He set me and Sedrick Strong up with a two day trip to work for them. I dont like Sedrick but I made an exception and took the trip with him. The first night I worked Antonio Thomas. You fans might not know that name but he is a great worker with a tremendous build who I think will be in the WWE someday soon. I had him beat with the Solid Bustin but the crowd got behind him and he came back to beat me. The next night I worked Adam Booker and we had a good match even thought I spent too much time trying to beat up his girl. But remember I dont beat up girls. I lost the match but I think Adam is a great worker and the talent in EWA was real good.


AW: You worked for XWA in South Florida. How did the crowd receive you in your match with an old rival, Billy Fives?


BS: Billy and I have worked so much we know each other like the backs of our hands. The crowd hated me down there and I hate them right back. We had a decent match even though the ring broke during the event. I had Hot Ass Amy Love in my corner but once again a lady cost me a match. Billy used her leg to kick me in the crotch and I got rolled up for the pin.


AW: This interview is being done at an NWA Florida event so let talk about some recent events in the promotion. At the first event at the old Arena Hostile Takeover you had a match with Uptown Frankie Capone. But before you beat each other up you burned a Full Impact Pro t-shirt in the ring. Tell the fans why you did that?


BS: All kayfabe aside, Frankie and I are two of the most outspoken wrestlers in NWA Florida. We were tired of Sals (Full Impact Owner Sal Hamaoui) crap. We took over his building and had some events there. What better then to burn a FIP shirt showing it was now NWA Florida territory! Frankie and I had a great match even though I was sore as hell for a week. I held onto the ropes and pinned him, Frankie didnt complain because he would have done the same thing to me. So we high fived and went to the back for some beers.


AW: At the Total Annihilation event in December you wrestled and unfortunately lost to the Current NWA Florida heavyweight champion Steve Madison. Are you surprised at Steves recent success?


BS: Not at all. Steve is a tremendous wrestler. He is an old school style wrestler. With those big ass legs he looks like a Shane Twin (laughs.)  We had a good old school match with him coming out on top. He is the best example of what NWA Florida is all about, the old school mixed with the new school. Steve will be going places.


AW: On the last couple of events you have been teaming with Roderick Strong. On one event you wrestled the team known as Fahrenheit 420, Stash and David Mercury.


BS: They are the luckiest tag team in wrestling. They get beat up night in and night out and somehow come out on top. Roderick is one of the biggest wrestlers in indy wrestling right now. We had a major mess up in the match when the Untouchables and Shockwave (Mikey Batts & Erick Stevens) got involved and I got knocked out of the match and Roderick got pinned. I watched the tape the other night and we beat them for the entire match and as I said they are the luckiest team around.


AW: For those that dont know the AOD is down to a trio of you, Roderick and Scoot Andrews because Mike Sullivan was recently booted out of the group.


BS: Mike was another torn to the AOD. He was all about pleasing the fans doing his Freedom Ryder gimmick. The AOD isnt about the fans. You break away from us and well destroy you. Mike its over for you and you will be nothing from here on. I know what your next question is going to be so Ill answer it for you. The AOD is stronger than ever. Im the heavyweight brutalizer, Scoot Andrews has the veteran leadership role and Roderick is going places.


AW: Scoot Andrews shocked the crowd tonight by announcing he was taking time away from the AOD to team with an AOD rival named Antonio Banks. What is your reaction to the team?


BS: I had nothing to do with it since Scoot didnt tell us what was going on and to be honest I dont like the guy. Banks wants to be the biggest guy here in NWA Florida and I have that job already. Antonio needs to prove himself to me. But hell with all that let him and Scoot go on their way and Ill keep to myself. I want nothing to do with Antonio Banks.


AW:  Whats it like to open the latest Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 and see your name listed at number 390?


BS: Initially I thought it was a joke because I should be ranked number 190. Really I am honored to be there. I feel there are guys in NWA Florida that should have been there like Justice. Next year you will see more of us in there and hopefully I will be higher up on the list.


AW: Many NWA Florida wrestlers have traveled the USA as well as overseas in recent months. Is there a chance you could be doing some traveling soon?


BS: Its a good possibility. I dont want to lose money even though most guys lose money in this business by traveling out of their territory. You give me the right price and Ill give you the most entertaining man in professional wrestling.  


AW: You have been in several WWE dark matches. If the WWE said Bruce we want you to move all your possessions to Louisville, Kentucky and train in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) what would you say?


BS: Thats the hardest question you could have asked me Alan. Without giving too much of my personal life away, I work for a well known national bank and I have a great position with them. But I feel I can always put the career on hold to pursue my dream. Not many guys get that chance and I would seize it if it came along. I know I could be the next big thing in the OVW and WWE, sorry Brock.


AW: I asked this before but who is your favorite opponent?


BS: I would have to say Sedrick Strong, Billy Fives and the Shane Twins. You wrestle Sedrick or Billy and you cant have a bad match, they are that good at what they do. Mike and Todd Shane have been my most frequent opponents going back to the Quickiemart days. They are big guys that know how to work a big guy like me.


AW: Who would be your dream opponent and why?


BS: Damn another hard question, knock it off man. I would have to say Brock Lesnar. He is big like me and we both have an amateur background. Kurt Angle would be another one if he was larger in size. But I would say Brock is my dream opponent.


AW: Tell the fans who attend events run by other promotions like FIP why they should attend an NWA Florida event?


BS: Watch tapes of the two promotions and youll see FIPs main event couldnt be an opening match on an NWA Florida event. The atmosphere here is great and you have great workers that can tell a story. The promoters here are amazing compared to that other guy we wont talk about. FIP is obsolete to us so lets not talk about them anymore. But if you turn that recorder off, Ill tell you what I really think of FIP.


Thanks to Bruce Steele for his time. For information on where you can see an NWA Florida event log onto their website,