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Interview with Sedrick Strong
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On February 8, 2003 I interviewed SEDRICK STRONG along with his brother Roderick. What Sedrick or I didnt know, was a little over three hours later his career would change forever. He went to the ring with Roderick and Agent Steele to aid some fellow IPW stars. In one second his brother chairshotted him as Roderick and Steele turned on him and joined the dreaded Alliance of Defiance. This interview took place on June 14, 2003 at the Pinellas Expo Hall in Pinellas Park, Florida. Hours before he would team up with David Babylon for a tornado tag team match against AOD members Scoot Andrews and Mike Sullivan. We discussed his participation in the 2003 Super 8, the 1st ever Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup and also his relationship now with Roderick in and out of the ring. 


Alan Wojcik: Lets get right to it. On February 8, 2003, the tag team of the Strong Brothers ended when Roderick turned his back on you and joined the AOD. What were your feelings when you realized what happened?


Sedrick Strong: Its quite lengthy but Ill cut my answer down for you. Outside the ring we still talk once in a while as brothers will do. In the ring I wish I could kill him. Hes a punk. I didnt believe it when it happened. Blood is thicker than water and I think he turned on me to advance his career. But as you know Ive gone further than he has since he turned on me, so what does that say for him.


AW: At the February 28th IPW show dubbed Never say NEVER, you were a participant in an eight-man tag where your brother was on the opposing team. What were your emotions arriving at the building that day and in the locker room before the match?


SS: I remember the whole day and night I all I wanted to do was fight Roderick. The IPW staff had to keep us apart in the locker room. Once we got in the ring at the same time he ran and tagged out to Agent Steele. Steele and I went for a few minutes. When Roderick and I finally got in together, I hit him with the Diamond Dust and attempted to beat the hell out of him. During that match I hurt my knee and had to miss a couple of weeks. It was just pure adrenaline that night.


AW: On March 22 you got your first singles title shot when you took on then Florida Unified Cruiserweight champion Naphtali. But you fell victim to Naphtalis tricks which that night was a can of baby powder. Any memories on wrestling Naphtali and the shock that came when you lost the title you thought you won fair and square?


SS: When I won the title it was a big honor. I was thinking, holy crap I cant believe I won it. I have to give Naphtali credit, the kid is a genius. I beat him in the ring as you said fare and square. After 22 back chops, I held on and won. Next thing I know he tosses a can of baby powder to me and somehow beats me. I was happy and in tears for a moment. But sh$# happens I guess.


AW: Many people reading this will know you as one of the eight participants in the 2003 Super 8. What was your reaction to getting the call from ECWA about the tournament?


SS: First and foremost I wanted to thank Jim Ketner. He is a great man, an incredible human being and he runs a great promotion. His tournament is unmatched. When I got the call I was speechless. I didnt recognize the number on my caller ID. I almost got into a car accident on my way to the gym. I got that call in early February and still had almost three months to wait for the show. Too bad David Babylon wasnt in this years tournament, maybe next year. (Interviewers note: David Babylon was sitting close by during this interview.)


AW: Your first round opponent was Chance Beckett who went on to lose in the finals to Paul London. Your memories on the match with Chance.


SS: I remember more than he does since I almost kicked his chin off his face (laughs.) Seriously, Chance is a class act and great person. I was happy with the match but we both felt we could have done better. I dont think either of us was at our best that night. I was nervous a hell with the magnitude of the event. Overall it was a great audience to work in front of.


AW: Since youre a fan as well as a wrestler I will ask this question. Were there any matches on the show or any people you were excited or for a better word dying to meet?


SS: That I was dying to meet, not really. I like to make friends in the business and that night was a great way to meet people. Paul London stood out to me. We hung out and became friends. He deserved to win that tournament and I think hell be going places real soon.


AW: We happen to run into each other at the MLW show in Orlando that Paul wrestled and beat Jerry Lynn. What did you think of that match?


SS: Easily match of the night. My friends and I were going crazy for him and that match. Ive met Jerry before and to see the two of them wrestle from a fan perspective was great.


AW: As we sit here Pro Wrestling Illustrated is sitting on magazine racks nationwide with you and the other Super 8 participants in a featured article What does it feel like to be in a magazine read nation and possibly world wide?


SS: I take it as kind of a joke, not to be taken seriously. But I look forward to more of it in the future. I was at work and happen to see the magazine on the shelf. All my co-workers marked out for it.


Rod Steel (walking by) Punk!!


SS: Damn that Rod Steel!


AW: At this years Rage in the Cage, you were a participant in a six man TLC match (with David Babylon & Steve Madison vs Scoot Andrews, Mike Sullivan & Roderick Strong) that many consider to be one of the finalists in this years match of the year polling. Any nerves going into that match?


SS: I never go into a match thinking, How bad can I get hurt? I try to think positive and try to think of ways I can entertain the crowd. I wanted to get back at Roderick and especially Andrews and Sullivan who Ive been feuding with since August. The heat and anger had been building with every show. Before the match I was so fired up. I dont think Ive ever been that fired up for a match.


AW: Was it adrenaline that made you climb to the top of a ten foot ladder and jump onto the AOD?


SS: The first jump I made I hit them with a plancha. I was angry at Roderick because he hit me with a chair. I turned around and saw the ladder lying in the ring. I thought Jeff Hardy does it, why not me (laughs.) I really thought can I toss a penny of the ladder and kill Roderick that little rat bastard brother of mine. I aimed for him and took out everyone in the match.


AW: At the May 3rd IPW show called Deadly Intentions, your shot at the current Florida Unified Cruiserweight champion Justice was spoiled by Roderick. What did you think of the match excluding your brothers interference?


SS: That match itself was great. I had never worked with Justice. The chemistry we had was good. I got a little notch on the top of my head, thanks for the soft spot Justice I appreciate it. Rodericks jealousy got the best of him that night and it turned into anger. He came in while the ref was down and hit me with the C-X. Justice saw what happened and kicked Rodericks ass. I got the win but not the title. I beat Justice at the Peterson though. Well see what happens next time. But rightfully I should be the Cruiserweight champion, but once again sh#$ happens.


AW: Speaking of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. That is our next topic to discuss. Your first round match was against your friend rat magnet David Babylon. Many internet people in attendance commented to me that it was one of the hardest hitting matches of the tournament. What did you think of the match?


SS: The rat magnet Babylon is my boy. In my opinion it was one of the best if not my best match in the tournament. David is a class act. He is new to the business and is an amazing worker. Both of us are willing to do anything in the ring and I would love to do it again somewhere down the road.


AW: You mentioned the victory over your second round opponent Justice. Memories on that non-title match.


SS: I thought it was better than our first match-up, too bad the belts werent on the line but Ill get them soon enough. I thought it was damn good match. It didnt go as long our title match but it was fast paced, hard hitting and brutal action. No soft spots in that match thanks to Justice. All kidding aside, Justice is a great worker to be in the ring with. I was not as confident as I should have been. I was surprised I got the win and advanced in the tournament.


AW: In the semi-finals you faced off with Combat Zone Wrestlings Ruckus. You appeared to re-injure your knee and Ruckus tried to take it home with him.


SS: I had jarred it in the match with Justice. Ruckus saw it and took advantage of the situation. Pure genius as I would have done the same thing. I was excited to wrestle him. I had heard about him for about two years. Back then he was 260 and doing the same stuff he did with me that night at new his weight of 220. Hes able to do a standing shooting star presses and standing twistees. It was amazing to be in the ring with him. I thought of Jeff in that match and hit the Frog Splash (Jeff Petersons finishing move) to get the win, so thanks Jeff.


AW: Unfortunately you lost in the finals to Reckless Youth. Thoughts on the match.


SS: I was pissed that I wasnt full strength because I thought we could have had a hell of a match. It was a great match but Reckless beat my ass all over the ring. Reckless is a genius in the ring and does things never seen before. He is very charismatic and everything about him is great. I hope we can have a re-match when I am at full strength.


AW: Your feud with the AOD took a weird turn at the May Massacre event in Davie, Florida, when former AOD referee turned wrestler Mikey Tenderfoot teamed with you to take on Roderick and Mike Sullivan. Your thoughts on Mikey now that he is no longer with the AOD.


SS: I knew he had talent as a referee. Joining up with him is great. I cant ask for a better partner. I got my ass beat and Mikey saved me. Several times he kept that match alive. His springboard dropkick is un-matched by anyone in the business. He can take any kind of bump in the ring.


AW: That match was your introduction to the fans of Davie. What did you think of the crowd?


SS: I didnt know what to expect. They were loud and very talkative. Everything we did they went nuts for it. I cant wait to go back there on the 28th.


AW: Tonight you and David Babylon will take on Naturally Marvelous in a match with Tornado tag rules. What is in store for Scoot Andrews and Mike Sullivan?


SS: Im not sure yet. Could be a ladder, maybe many ladders or it could be a table. In the TLC match we went through 8 tables and 4 ladders equaling about 800 dollars which pissed off Ron Niemi.  I m pissed off and Im going to make them sweat out their fate. Hopefully Roderick keeps his nose out of the match. Maybe Justice will kick him in the head and give him another concussion. (Interviewers note: Justice defeated Roderick in their match and did not get involved in his brothers match.) Scoot and Mike or should I call them Emmett (Smith) and Troy (Aikman.) Whatever they want to bring to the ring, David and I will counter it and beat them down.


AW: In closing this interview I have two more questions. First, what do you hope the future holds for you as a singles performer?


SS: I want to knock Roderick in the head for joining a second rate clique like the AOD. I never think about the future. I think about the now. If I did I wouldnt do the stupid stuff I do now. I would like to do bigger stuff like be in the WWE. I love IPW to death but I would like to move on and be an international star everyone knows about.


AW: If Roderick reads this and you know he will, what do you want to say to him?


SS: Get your mind right because Im going to kick your ass until you do.


Thanks to Sedrick Strong for his time. For more on Sedrick, log onto the Strong family website, .