New Conversation with America's Most Wanted
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NWA World Tag Team Champions AMERICA’S MOST WANTED aka “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris  Harris stunned the wrestling world when they aided Jeff Jarrett in beating Raven on September 15, 2005 to regain the NWA World Heavyweight championship (which he lost to Christian Cage at Against All Odds.) Many months have passed since that date. On the day after Against All Odds I sat them down at the Doubletree Hotel and Convention Center for a conversation about events that have gone down since last April’s Lockdown PPV. This conversation was done by Storm under major protest as I held a case of his favorite beer hostage until he finished. During the interview a special guest will add some comments on the duo and TNA.


Alan Wojcik: Let’s go back in time to the Lockdown PPV where you fought in your third cage match in TNA. This time against your now allies Team Canada. Was there a point in your head where you said lets top the other matches like Raven versus Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles versus Abyss or did you go out thinking lets get out in one piece?


Chris Harris: I think the whole concept of an all cage match PPV was unique and lots of people had their heads down going into it. If everyone wants to be a team player you go out there being smart and you build for the main event matches instead of the way we have gone out and do as much as we used to. We needed to go out and give 110% in the match. This one was different because we were more confident then the two we did with XXX and the one with the Naturals.


Alan Wojcik: Your fifth reign as the NWA World Tag Team champions ended at the hands of your hated rivals the Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas). This time Chris Candido was involved in their win. Sadly two days after the taping of that match Candido passed away. What were your feelings when you heard about his tragic passing and what was it like being in the ring at the Hard Justice PPV when the crowd turned the Naturals babyface?


James Storm: To lose someone like Chris was real tragic. Before he passed he was like Curt Hennig when he was in TNA, he was a mentor to us trying to help make our matches better. I am sure it hurt Chase and Andy more then anyone in wrestling. The Naturals have been thorns in our sides for years. We have wrestled them hundreds of times and just like in football on any given Sunday anyone can beat anyone. Night in and out we go out there and tear the house down.


Chris Harris: Need I remind you they beat us that night but they had something coming back to them. We’ll let you get there in time Alan.


Alan Wojcik: TNA celebrated three years of existence when the Slammiversary PPV was held on June 19th. The two of you were in Huntsville, Alabama the first night. Did you ever think three years later you would be with TNA? Considering you signed individual contracts and were paired up on the spot in the NWA World Tag Team title tournament.


Chris Harris: Let’s get it right we’re in the middle of four years. The two of us being a team for almost four years is unheard of in the business. If you look back at when TNA finished its first year people told us we reminded them of old school wrestling. That was a huge compliment since we had no clue what was going to happen next. We would have never thought this would be still going four years later. Recently we have taken a turn in a different direction in our careers. Until there is nothing for AMW to do we’ll keep it going.


James Storm: I still remember when we first teamed up at that original event ‘Cat looked at me and said. “Fuck no I ain’t dressing up like a fucking cowboy!” I told him I wasn’t going to be dressing like him. (Both men stop to laugh for several minutes) But we came to a compromise of sorts. Its good we have gotten this far. With the recent heel turn I think we’ve got plenty of mileage left in AMW.


Alan Wojcik: Hell literally froze over at the Sacrifice PPV when AMW teamed up with the Naturals to take on all four members of Team Canada. I told several people sitting near me this was like the Hart Foundation teaming with the British Bulldogs. Did you ever think you ever think TNA would pair you and them together?


James Storm: Like I said before the Naturals are a team that can get the job done. When TNA told us we were teaming with them we said you do your part and we’ll do our part. When the match is done we’ll get back to kicking the shit out of each other (laughs) end of story.


Chris Harris: I don’t think you’ll ever see us teaming again. There is mutual respect between the four of us but we hate them and we hate us. We had the common goal of taking care of Canada and if you remember the partnership didn’t last until the end of the match. We’re better beating each other up instead of being friends.


Alan Wojcik: On September 11th TNA held Unbreakable. What was the backstage atmosphere like and your personal feelings competing on a day that haunts America to this moment?


Chris Harris: I think no one will ever think be able to be alive on September 11th and forget the tragedy that occurred. The work we do requires us to put daily life out of our heads to focus on the work at hand. T thought we should have done more before the PPV, I think we didn’t do enough to memorialize the day. Maybe that was done to put it out of people’s minds for three hours as they watched the PPV. It didn’t cross my mind that much but we had to focus on work.


James Storm: When we got to the building we knew what was going on but we had a job to do. I agree and think we could have done more to remember the people who lost their lives that day. But it was a wrestling show and maybe not the right place for a tribute.


Alan Wojcik: On September 15th the two of you and Jeff Jarrett shocked the wrestling world by becoming a unit. For the first time in your careers you were now full time heels (both have done small stints in other promotions) when you helped Jarrett defeat Raven at a Border City Wrestling event to regain the NWA World Heavyweight title. What was your initial reaction to the overall idea of becoming heels and working with Jeff Jarrett?


Chris Harris: As you know Alan there was more going on backstage then just the turn. Storm and I had been struggling with things for a while. People call it the storyline or angle the whole reason we aligned with Jeff, was it because we were ticked at TNA management or the fans or something else? It was more real then the fans would imagine. We were ticked at TNA management, the office and were sick of being dicked around. To be aligned with Jeff for storyline purposes was right for the time because if we were going to make a switch, which we thought was overdue, was to be put with the biggest heel in TNA. I think we help Jeff take things to another step or level in his progression as a heel. I am happy the way things turned out.


James Storm: There were lots of things people didn’t see going on. I don’t want to repeat what ‘Cat said but it did bring out much of the frustration we had been feeling. I thought the heel turn was a fresh start to our careers.


Alan Wojcik: On October 1st TNA Impact debuted on Spike TV. Before the taping you guys came out and received a chorus of boos that lasted several minutes. I remember telling James days before the show I was skeptical that the fans wouldn’t boo you guys. I know you had been itching to turn heel but did you have any feelings it might not work?


James Storm: I wanted to do this for a long time and people know Chris in real life knows he is a straight up dickhead in real life. (laughs)


Chris Harris: Oh like you’re an angel!


James Storm: Yeah can’t you see my halo. Its one of those things I have wanted to tell the fans what I think of them. Go home and brush your tooth. There’s lots of smelly fans in the south and now I get to tell them where to go.


Chris Harris: I never had doubts we could pull it off. We wanted to do it and knew it could work but we had doubters since we had been babyfaces for so long. We weren’t out to prove people wrong. We were really sick of the fans, they are so damn fickle as to who they cheer for. Seems like they change their minds everyday. I have been wrestling for almost ten years and to bust my ass for them and get disrespected wasn’t good. I can now tell them to go fuck themselves and mean it. We are doing what makes us better not what makes the fans smile. I am not sorry for they way things have gone and they might get worse.


Alan Wojcik: Another person joined the Jarrett/AMW faction around the same time, named Gail Kim. What does she bring to the group that might have been missing?


James Storm: Some of the sexiest legs I ever saw. That’s all I have to say.


Chris Harris: You get a look at her ass Alan. To be serious again, I don’t think there was a missing ingredient to AMW but she adds things. You can call her eye candy but there is a mean streak inside her. Yeah you can say she watches our back as well as Jeff’s. Heck sometimes we might use her for anything devious we might have in mind.


Alan Wojcik: You guys devious, yeah right (laughs).


Chris Harris: Right Alan we don’t do anything devious. I am glad she is out there when she isn’t working with Jeff. I wish she was able to wrestle more because she is a great worker.


We interrupt this interview for some words from the very attractive and talented lady AMW just talked about, former WWE Women’s World champion Gail Kim. Ms. Kim was gracious enough to give us a few brief comments on her arrival in TNA, working with Jeff Jarrett and AMW and her issues with a certain young lady named Jackie Gayda.


Alan Wojcik: What were the circumstances that lead you to work for TNA Wrestling and become aligned with Jeff Jarrett and America’s Most Wanted?


Gail Kim: At the time TNA called there were lots of factors. One is the fact TNA is an up and coming company I wanted to be part of. If you have watched WWE and TNA the in ring style is different and I feel I am suited to TNA’s style. Another thing TNA mentioned was the desire to create a women’s division. I was a wrestler in WWE and its still my passion. As far as the guys, why wouldn’t I want to be aligned with the top wrestlers in the promotion? Even though Jeff just lost the title the other night he will get it back in due time. Then you add AMW holding the tag belts, I feel I am at their level being a former World champion so why not be around the best.


Alan Wojcik: As their manager, valet or advisor you seem to have a vested interest in getting involved in their matches. Is that by design before a match begins or are you seeing the titles in danger and are going do to whatever is needed to hold onto them?


Gail Kim: I don’t think they have a chance to lose; I want to make sure they don’t get screwed by a referee or the other team. I am there to reassure the fact they are going to win and if there is an opening to help them I will do it.


Alan Wojcik: Since you have joined Jeff Jarrett and AMW, someone named Jackie Gayda has been showing up saying you have her spot she was promised by Jeff. Since we can’t get her sides lets hear your side of the story.


Gail Kim: Alan I have always had people coming after me saying I am in their spot or in their title match. If anyone like Jackie wants to try and take me out of the spot, bring it on I’ll meet you in the ring. Now if you excuse me I need to get back to my group.


Now back to the interview with America’s Most Wanted, already in progress.


Alan Wojcik: Also around this time the seventeen time world tag team champions Team 3D “crashed” your party when they left WWE and signed with TNA. You guys paid them back by making them bleed more then any team before. When they were signed did you think oh crap there goes our top spot in the company or did you think let’s see what they bring to your home promotion?


James Storm: Just like you said Alan, OUR COMPANY. When we heard they were coming we said big deal, let’s go out and show them who is the top team in the company. We’ve faced them several times but who still has the gold. We do. Team 3D can beat everyone else on the roster but we are still the best team in TNA.


Chris Harris: The truth of it is Team 3D coming to TNA was the best addition they could have made besides the recent ones. Because it was a tag team not an individual like Sting, Rhino, Samoa Joe or Christian Cage. They brought star power to TNA. We are fortunate to have them. They are great in the ring and have excellent psychology, we have learned so much from working with them. You brought up the spot in the company that is all legit. People talk about their spots in the promotion and that is real. We have been on top for so long and you bring them into the fold, people weren’t just talking about Team 3D coming into TNA. They were talking about the attitude change we had made and what it meant to TNA. It made for a great mix. We added another title reign at the hands of the Naturals.


Alan Wojcik: Team 3D’s arrival and your subsequent bloodying of their bodies led to one of the most tivo’d moments in TNA history. Of course I am talking about the mock funeral you two, some beer, Team Canada, four hockey sticks, Abyss, one box of tissues, James Mitchell, two caskets, some discounted t-shirts, Gail Kim and Jeff Jarrett held in their honor. Plus I think someone pissed in a casket…


Chris Harris: I thought we agreed you weren’t going to bring that up Alan.


Alan Wojcik: I am sorry I did. Let’s talk about the taping of the mock funeral in Orlando.


James Storm: Some of the funniest things never made the spot. During one of the takes I tried to pee in the casket ‘Cat hit me in the head with a tissue box and the lid of the casket closed on my hands. I was stuck there and almost knocked over the casket trying to free my hands. I hope they find a PPV DVD to put the outtakes on because it’s funnier then the actual segment. To be part of a segment like that was special and TNA trusted us to do comedy stuff. Everyone involved made it special. To this day people ask me about that stuff and it’s great to find it still funny sitting here talking about it.

Chris Harris: That segment was magical. We never expected anything to come from it. Everyone went there to have fun and have some laughs. The segment was meant to be humorous but we didn’t realize how much the fans would love it. I think Storm and Eric Young shined in that piece. Lots of that stuff was impromptu stuff. You mentioned Abyss and the box of tissues, no one told me to say that. I just looked at him and said will someone please give Abyss a tissue. The hockey sticks the Team Canada guys were holding weren’t pulled out until ten minutes before filming. It was lots of things coming together and that segment will be remembered. People say it was the best segment in wrestling in years.


Alan Wojcik: In TV time the night before Bound For Glory you won the NWA World Tag Team titles for the sixth time (Harris and Elix Skipper then Storm and Christopher Daniels held the belts during the confusing late summer of 2004) by defeating the Naturals. Then you brawled with them on the Bound For Glory PPV. You guys know the crowd is going to be hot for that matchup, how much of an adrenaline rush do you get facing the Naturals on PPV?


James Storm: It’s a huge energy rush. It was great to face Team 3D at Bound For Glory…


Chris Harris: We wrestled the Naturals that PPV you dumbass.


Alan Wojcik: This is why I am not giving you beer until we’re done. You wrestled Team 3D at the other two PPV’s I’m going to ask you about.


James Storm: Sorry I am still hung over from last night. (laughs) Anytime AMW and the Naturals get together you get the best match. We can wrestle them night after night and have a great match. AMW is ready to face anyone on any night.


Alan Wojcik: At Bound For Glory you guys weren’t able to stop “the War Machine” Rhino from defeating Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight title after he survived a ten man gauntlet. What was your reaction to seeing Jeff lose the belt?


Chris Harris: I think we were along side Jeff in being powerless. Quite honestly Jeff got the shaft from TNA management that night. Before we knew it Rhino had the belt. But were talking about Jeff Jarrett and it wasn’t even a month later (actually it was two days later, ten days in TV time) that he was wearing the belt again. You asked about the rush facing the Naturals because in our minds it wasn’t an energy rush. We had just let our frustrations out around that time. That night was a total switch in positions for all of us. That night we weren’t dealing with the rulebreaking Naturals, they were dealing with the rulebreaking AMW. We walked in with an attitude. You were there Alan it wasn’t a classic wrestling match it was a flat out brawl. We went out there with a mission to win the belts back the first time and at the PPV to just flat out kick their asses. We went out there to prove this heel turn or attitude change was real to us. Chase and Andy happened to be the first team we had to take out. We beat them for the belts and at the PPV Andy was still a bloody mess and Chase was still picking glass out of his head. People say our personalities are coming out as a result of this heel turn, so why not see James Storm come to the ring carrying a beer bottle.


James Storm: Why not I go to bed with one!


Alan Wojcik: Was the heel turn something that took time getting used to since you were babyfaces for so long. I mean having to change your match styles from heel to face in a ring psychology sense.


James Storm: I think it was harder being babyfaces since we’re natural dickheads in real life. The hardest part was being nice to people for years.


Chris Harris: The attitude change wasn’t hard like we’ve said our true personalities were coming out. Yeah we’re saying we are assholes in real life but for me personally at the point in my life that we also made the transition I was ready to blow up. I just happen to be in a profession where I can blow up at anyone due to being a heel. You brought up ring psychology. I have been wrestling eleven years and his tag team partner going on almost four years. I thought I knew everything about tag team wrestling but man there is so much to learn as heels I feel like I am beginning all over again. You do have a change in style. As long as we have the attitudes as heels the rest will come to us. We have such great veteran teams in TNA like Team 3D, BG James and Billy Gunn sorry Kip James. These guys have been great tag team wrestlers and it will add to our legacy as the greats.


Alan Wojcik: “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage debuted at Genesis. He joined the other recent additions in 2005 like Kip James/Billy Gunn, Rhino and Team 3D. Did you think other former WWE talent would follow Christian Cage and there would be people in TNA since day one would be moved out or did you see their additions as a positive thing for TNA?


James Storm: I looked at Christian coming to TNA as a positive. He is a cool guy and he brings a lot to the table coming from the other organization. Billy Gunn sorry Kip James, Rhino and Team 3D bring their established names and the ability to help the younger talent learn from them. Especially now since we are going to prime time on Spike in April.


Chris Harris: I think there will be guys on the roster that will worry about their TV time or roster spot. I think that’s natural but we are still a growing company and we need the star power of Rhino and Team 3D to attract new viewers while keeping our current fans. Who wouldn’t want Christian on their roster? Without bringing up names just because people get fired or let go from WWE doesn’t mean there is an open door for them to come to TNA. Especially if they’re not going to help the product or draw business. Why not go with the homegrown stars, I think we need a mixture of both. We need to be choosy as to who TNA brings in. I think so far TNA has done a great job in bringing in new talent; Christian Cage was the best move to date.


Alan Wojcik: TNA rang in the New Year’s with a match that saw America’s Most Wanted defend the titles against the unique duo of “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Did you have to adapt to them since they mostly work X Division matches or did you force them to adjust to AMW?


James Storm: We pride ourselves in being able to wrestle nearly any style. We can brawl, fight and even get on the mat. When we were told that we were facing Daniels and Styles it wasn’t a big problem. We wrestled Daniels for months when he was part of XXX (with “Primetime” Elix Skipper) and Styles a couple of times with different partners. When you put those two great athletes together with us, nothing can go wrong. We knew our roles in the show and it was magic.


Chris Harris: I think it was a great way to start the New Year out like that. Whether you take four of your homegrown stars or mix the wrestling styles like they did. You brought up adapting to other styles, like Storm said we can adapt to anyone. Our new attitude is try your X division flashiness or whatever you bring to the table and we’ll pound you. Go aerial and we’ll ground you. We made them adapt to our style. If we want to fight you will have to fight. Try your crazy moves. I don’t mean crazy in a bad way because they win with their moves and take you down to the mat into a pretzel. If you tie me in a pretzel I have a partner who will come into the ring and kick your teeth down your throat. I may not have a counter to your hold but we’ll get out of it. We were proud TNA chose us to kick off the New Years. (Several ladies walk by our seats) Damn she’s hot!


Alan Wojcik: Let me give you a moment to put your eyes back in their sockets and your tongues back in your mouth. (AMW needed a few moments to compose themselves.) Now lets talk about what Storm was referring to, your two PPV matches with Team 3D. Actually James might not remember most of the Turning Point table’s match since his bell was rung by Team 3D hitting him with your finishing move the Death Sentence. 


Chris Harris: I thought we agreed you weren’t going to bring up bad memories.


Alan Wojcik: Well allow me this one question, how do you prepare for a match that Team 3D specializes in, the table’s match.


James Storm: The table’s match is their game. I looked at it as a good swift kick in the balls, its going to hurt one way or the other. We decided to try and separate them and inflict enough damage to put them into the table. Something happened I think dust ended up in my eyes, couldn’t find ‘Cat and ended up going through a table. We are used to working with guys our size or smaller. But when you got a 275 pound guy coming off the top rope with an assbomb, you are going to get knocked out.


Chris Harris: Yeah it rang your bell and left me alone. (laughs)


James Storm: Like I said I got dust in my eyes and got lost. Time goes on and we will get revenge on Team 3D.


Alan Wojcik: I think you got some matter of revenge at Final Resolution when Chris loaded his hand with enough powder to blind Team 3D, Gail Kim, Rudy Charles and half of the Pit.


Chris Harris: I wasn’t messing around man I needed some powder.


Alan Wojcik: I think that was the loudest rain of boos when you were beaten but walked away with the titles. Everyone felt using the powder the last act of desperation to keep the belts.


Chris Harris: We weren’t desperate Alan. We knew we were going to win another title defense. You commented on the table match, we hate tables and never want to see them again in a wrestling match.  Team 3D got the win in a non-title match. Everyone had a good laugh when we lost but we are still the champions and I proved I will play dirty. So I got some of the powder in the referee’s eyes, sorry my bad. (Storm laughs) I saw the tape and saw we were pinned but that’s the way things went down. When I woke up I was on top of Ray and the referee was raising my hand. I don’t remember what happened I have the belts and if the fans don’t like it I don’t give damn.


James Storm: Sorry Alan but I had dust in my eyes and never saw what happened.


Chris Harris: You mean powder Storm.


James Storm: Yeah he got powder in my eyes too. We’ve got the belts, no matter what Team 3D pulled out their asses we still won.


Chris Harris: That $50 that I gave Rudy didn’t help us out much.


James Storm: He got $50 from you too, that bastard.


Alan Wojcik: Last night you knocked Sonjay Dutt into another dimension when you hit him with the Death Sentence. The fans voted Team 3D should face Team Canada while Larry Zbyszko set up a mini tournament where the winner was to face you at Against All Odds. That team was Dutt and “the Future” Chris Sabin.


James Storm: Those guys are great athletes and can do amazing things. We knew Sabin’s ankle was injured so we decided to separate them and keeping them apart worked. Then it came time for the Death Sentence and we put Sonjay away. I think they are used to working guys their size instead of a 270 pound human flesh log coming off the top rope onto their heads. (laughs)


Chris Harris: Human flesh log? Is that an insult of some kind? We had been distracted by Team 3D when TNA put that thing together. We had focused on teams like the Naturals and Team Canada. Sabin and Sonjay pulled off two big wins. They had been undefeated in their min run. Our strategy was simple, take Sabin’s ankle out. Sonjay got in some shots but we got the last shot with the Death Sentence.


Alan Wojcik: We’ve discussed working with Team 3D made you better. What have you learn from being paired with Jeff Jarrett who grew up in wrestling thanks to his dad and grandmother?


Chris Harris: I think Jeff gets a bad rap for lots of things. He has legit heat from the fans, some warranted some not. The fact is he is the most hated guy in the company and he loves it. Jeff is someone we have looked up to for a long time, Storm longer then me since Jeff was involved in some of his training. From our days in WCW Jeff has been on top. It’s amazing how much he knows about wrestling and I am not talking just about in the ring. We are fortunate to be paired with him in and out of the ring. He has lots of pressure on him and that’s not just from being the World Heavyweight champion. He is carrying lots of the office responsibilities as well. I know he is trying to take TNA to the next level. Friendships may not last forever in wrestling but we will use every moment to learn and grow with Jeff.


James Storm: People are surprised how much shit goes on in Jeff’s world. We just see what goes on here at Impact and PPV. No one sees the office stuff, working with Spike TV and his personal life. The guy has lots on his plate in addition to wrestling. For him to come out week after week and perform like he does is amazing. To be paired with him is to be with a true veteran of wrestling.


Alan Wojcik: On Friday March 17th you will be wrestling on what is being called TNA’s first house show.


James Storm: I think its great we are going to branch out. I think the company needs to move away from Orlando and I feel the fans are taking it for granted.


Alan Wojcik: Add me to that statement.


James Storm: I think going to different towns will only add to our success on Spike TV.


Chris Harris: I think it’s the next step in our growth. They have talked about the house show concept in the past. The guys are excited and it’s getting press. We are wrestling the Naturals and it should be a great event. I think TV should be filmed here in TV but maybe we could do PPV’s elsewhere.


Alan Wojcik: Enough of the softball stuff I have to throw a high and tight fastball. There were rumors last year you guys were on the verge of signing with WWE, one of you was ready to sign and the other refused and not signing created tension between you. Did this situation ever occur?


Chris Harris: You want to squash rumors lets do it. We never let the discussions get to the point of signing contracts. Was there interest, yes. Was there serious talks, no. We weighed our options out. As much details as were going to share with you let’s say we wanted the best deal possible. We wanted what was going to be good for us and we made the right decision by staying with TNA. We have been here since day one and we are loyal to TNA. Some of the guys I know up there aren’t real happy. Look at Christian Cage; he left WWE to come to TNA. That says a lot. I know I speak for him we are happy with the decision we made. We are proud to be part of TNA.


James Storm: The time came and we had to make the best decision for the unit and ourselves. At that time I just added a little baby girl to my life and I needed to make the decision for my family. I wanted to keep the team together and staying with TNA was the best decision.


Alan Wojcik: Is there a point where you could see America’s Most Wanted going their separate ways and going solo. Chris did it when you injured your neck in 2004 and he got a shot at the NWA World title. Do you want TNA to break the team up or do you want it to be a decision you make on your own?


James Storm: If that time does ever come I would want us to have the final say so. We’ve been a team from day one and we would want to end this on our own terms not anyone else’s.


Chris Harris: That’s a choice we want to make since we have put our hearts and souls into AMW. It’s in the back of our minds because we never expected the success we have achieved. I think each of us would like to have a successful singles career. Not to say that’s going tomorrow. You can only go so far as a tag team and we’ll deal with that when the time comes. Right now everyone knows we are enjoying our current run as tag team champs again. We look in our future and we see ourselves as the champs for a long time. You mentioned when he was hurt and I went solo for a while, wrestling singles built my confidence up once again. I proved I could hang with guys like Jeff, Raven, Shane Douglas and AJ. I enjoyed having singles matches now and again; I wrestled Christian a few weeks ago on Impact. We’ll see what happens but there is much life in AMW.


Alan Wojcik: Many members of the TNA roster have wrestled internationally. Christopher Daniels and Team 3D have worked in Japan while Jeff defended the title in Mexico and Australia. With the new working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling, is a trip to the Orient something AMW is interested in?


James Storm: Actually we were supposed to have been on tour the end of this month. That’s something we would like to do soon. When we worked in Puerto Rico we loved it, it was a different atmosphere. We want to be able to incorporate the other styles like Mexican, Japanese, maybe even a trip to England could be in the future. We want everyone to know we are the best tag team in the world.


Chris Harris: We haven’t had the chance to go global yet. Japan and other countries are in the future for AMW.


Alan Wojcik: AMW has worked for the northeast based NWA Cyberspace Wrestling. There have been rumors on websites and message boards about the promotion having financial and managerial issues. What are your memories of working for Cyberspace and their owner Billy Firehawk on what fans have called TNA house shows?


James Storm: I enjoyed working there. The fans like to watch wrestling and they know their shit. People always say they are the “hardcore” fans. If you put on a good wrestling show you could work MSG or the ECW Arena.


Chris Harris: Cyberspace was one of my favorite indy promotions to work for. Billy had an idea of how he wanted things to work. He was trying to bring TNA talent and I loved it because all the boys were there. I don’t know the details if its money problems but if you bring that kind of talent in each month, money is going to be hard to come by. Hopefully Cyberspace sticks around because it was one of the shows where we could introduce the TNA product to new areas.


Alan Wojcik: I know he’s itching to open that case of beer so let’s pimp your websites to the readers. First we’ll talk about the brand new “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm site (see address below) designed by Miss Kendi.


James Storm: We have lots of fan interaction on the site. I try to reply to each email I can. We have up polls like ‘Cat’s site has. I think she captures stuff from PPV’s and TV. Anytime I can Kendi and I talk about what we can do to improve it.


Alan Wojcik: We have talked about the work your brother has done with the “Wildcat” Chris Harris site before. Remind the fans what they can find on the site.


Chris Harris: The format is the same and he does a great job of maintaining the site.  Yeah I have had computer issues but it’s straightened out now. I grew up checking out magazines and hotlines so I know what the fans go through. People check out the site weekly and sometimes daily. I have my own column called “Words From Wildcat.” Fans have given me some great feedback and I hope to hear from them.


Alan Wojcik: Any parting words for the fans that hate your guts, try to steal your beer or pick up your cowboy hat.


James Storm: Exactly don’t touch the beer or my hat. We have always been the beer drinking, asskicking guys. We’ve always been that way and now this change in attitude allows us to be that way in public. If the fans don’t like it, like our t-shirt says, Sorry ‘Bout Your Damn Luck.


Chris Harris: The whole attitude thing is real. We want to say the fans to kiss our ass. But the honest to god truth is without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. Whether they boo or cheer us they are the ones who buy the PPV’s and merchandise. Thanks to them and sorry if you don’t like the attitude change.


My thanks to James and Chris for their time the day after a PPV. TNA returns to PPV on Sunday March 12th with Destination X. For all things TNA check out , James Storm’s official site is located at while Chris Harris’ official site is located at