Interview With Modern Day Theory
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Preston James and Scott Commodity
Modern Day Theory with a young fan

Have you been to a wrestling in Florida in 2006? Chances are you have seen Modern Day Theory compete. Scott Commodity(age 22) and Preston James (age 24) have been racking up the miles going coast to coast, north and south honing their craft as tag team wrestlers. Alan J. Wojcik did this interview online a few days ago to introduce America and the world to one of the fast rising teams out there competing almost every night of the week.


Alan J. Wojcik: What led each of you to become professional wrestlers, who trained you and what were some memories of your debut match?

Scott: I started training pretty much as soon as I finished up high school with "Soulman" Alex G and Norman Smiley. I'm sure this isn't an original answer but wrestling has always been my passion and after high school I just to find a place to train and pursue it as a career. Thankfully I was fortunate enough to stumble upon two of the best trainers in the country.

Preston: When I was three my dad used to wake me up to watch Madison Square Garden Television in New York. From that point on I was hooked. I was trained by the Soulman Alex G. Truth of the matter is, Scott and I live on Different Coasts, we train together quite often to make sure we are smooth. In the beginning, Scott would train me what Soulman and Norman Smiley taught him, So Scott trained me 2. Thanks Scott. First match memories...I was the shits.

Alan J. Wojcik: If memory serves me Preston you wrestled under the name GQ Savagewood. Why that name and what led to you becoming Preston James?

Preston: My first taste of wrestling politics. My real name is Preston James. I like my name. It fits me and my personality. NWA-Sunray told me after my first match if I wanted work up there I had to use a different name because they wouldn't honor one of the South Florida promotions story lines. I could care less, I just wanted to work. You could have called me the "Gay child molesting Lizard" and I would have been just as happy. Though...I think that gimmick was taken about last year.

Alan J. Wojcik: What led the two of you to team up and does the name Modern Day Theory have some hidden meaning?

Scott: Well, Preston and I are cousins by blood, but us teaming up was actually a fluke and a result of someone no-showing. I guess the promoter got word that we are related and stuck us together. Ever since then we've been like peanut butter and jelly!

Preston: What most people don't know is that Scott and I are legit cousins. We broke in together, and we were put together one night in Melbourne I think, and it just clicked. We had no clue what we were doing but it worked. The name MDT is something our grandfather used to say to us. Very personal stays within the family.

Alan J. Wojcik: In certain promotions you are managed by the lovely Amy Vitale. How did that partnership come to be and what does she bring that might have been missing?

Scott: Working with Amy is always great, she's such a positive person and that always helps having that in your corner.

Preston: Amy is a pure pleasure to be around. It’s fun watching her talent grow with each show.

Alan J. Wojcik: This year you have wrestled all over the state from ACW in New Port Richey to MXPW and D1PW down south to FIP, CCW, FPWA, AWF and PPW in between. In your opinion which of them is your favorite promotion to work for and why?

Scott: Well Alan let's see here, you have ACW which runs weekly shows, and sometimes twice a week which is awesome and can be found on Then you have MXPW which puts together some of the biggest shows in the country a la Lords of the Ring. D1PW is an upstart promotion with one of the most well rounded rosters in the state. FIP is probably the most well known of the promotions you have listed, and does incredible DVD sales. You have CCW which has proven that South Florida wrestling is not dead, and is continuing to rebuild what once was down south. FPWA and AWF both put together quality shows and have great locker rooms, so it's really hard to choose a favorite to be quite honest Alan. Each respective company brings something special to the table and to the fans of pro wrestling.

Preston: Scott and I have the same philosophy which is why I think we have a chance of doing well in this business. We understand at this point of our careers, we need experience. We need to work as much as possible. I am very grateful for the companies you listed I’m thankful they give us the platform to perform and learn the art of this business.

Alan J. Wojcik: Many people consider you in the tops of Florida tag teams with the Heartbreak Express (“Superstar” Sean and “Fabulous” Phil Davis) and Black Market (Joey Machete and Shawn Murphy.) Since they are two totally different styles in the ring, please give your assessment of working with these teams.

Scott: First off it's an honor to be associated with two teams of that caliber. You're right; both teams wrestle totally different styles, but are both terrific tag teams that understand TAG TEAM wrestling. It's impossible to not have a good match with either team.

Preston: We lucked out being a Florida based Tag Team. The art of Tag Team wrestling is all but lost in this business. Just so happens two of the best teams in the world are right here in Florida. The Heartbreak Express and Black Market have been without a doubt the best things to happen to Scott and I when it comes to Tag team wrestling. When you step in the ring with the Heartbreaks get ready to work. When you step in the ring with Black Market get ready to fight. Joe and Shawn do not hold back in the ring, they lay their stuff in hard, but at the same time it makes sense. The Heartbreaks keep us thinking, their psychology is completely different and unmatched. Have a conversation with Sean and Phil and you will walk away a better wrestler. I feel like we owe both teams a lot of money for the education they have given us.

Alan J. Wojcik: At FPWA Ring of Horror 3 in October you shocked the fans when WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart unveiled you as his hand picked team to take on then FPWA Tag Team champions “Miami Pound Machine” Rod Steel and “the Marquee” Bruce Santee. Talk about that honor and winning the belts from an established team.

Scott: Jimmy Hart is a 100% complete professional and it was an honor to have a legend of his stature in our corner that night. Winning the belts that night is what the fans wanted see, seeing as though we were facing the company's two hottest heels in Rod Steel and Bruce Santee. I thought we had a great match that night, and again Bruce and Rod are another team that you have to go out of your way to have a bad match with.

Preston: A complete honor to be managed by the Legendary Jimmy Hart. Its funny when you start in this business the "dream" seems so far off. Nights like this make you think you’re at least on the right track. I can't say enough positive things about Bruce and Rod. Both guys are extremely well sound in the ring and both guys are a riot on the mic. I would love to pursue a long term program with Bruce and Rod.

Alan J. Wojcik: At the recent Sunray Pro Wrestling reboot show you shocked the fans again. But this time it was siding with the Heartbreak Express in attacking the Black Market What was behind it, jealously that the Market is considered one of the premiere tag teams in Florida or something else?

Scott: I wouldn't consider it jealousy, Alan. I think it’s more along the lines of proving to the fans that we are the top tag team in Florida now. Black Market were our theoretical teachers as far as tag team wrestling is concerned, beating the crap out of us in rings all over the state. Let's just say that it's time for us to show that we aren't the same young punks that you saw 2 years ago...we are on the rise and people need to take notes!

Preston: Scott and I have been tagging together for the past four years. We have shut up and listened to respected veterans and tried to accumulate as much knowledge as we can about this business. We always leave a match saying "How could we of made it better or what do we need work on?" I have no problem saying that the tides in tag team wrestling are changing. 2007 is MDT's year. Sometimes in order to really grow you have to spread your wings, and that’s exactly what we did to Black Market. Bottom line is we want to be the best tag team in professional wrestling.

Alan J. Wojcik: On December 9th you will be part of a Florida United multi-promotional event taking on a reunited Vandalz team. Do you think this show is a good idea, why or why not?

Scott: I believe the show is a great idea. Anything that involves the cooperation of Florida indy companies is a great thing in my eyes. We're very excited to get back in the ring with the Vandalz and rekindle an old feud. They were the top tag team in Florida here for a while, but a lot has changed since they left!

Preston: Our past with the Vandalz is painful. Early in our career Scott blew out his ankle in our try out for MXPW TV against the Vandalz. I gained much respect for Scott that night finishing the match strong. Our second encounter with the Vandalz I was knocked out during the opening spot. Step in the ring with the Vandalz and bring your "A" game. Those guys can go. I'm excited to really turn it up a notch on Dec. 9.

Alan J. Wojcik: According to internet reports you received a WWE dark match this past July. If this is true please tell us about the experience and any feedback you might have been given, did it lead to a rumored Jan 1st Miami appearance?

Scott: The rumors are true Alan. We wrestled the July 10th Raw in Sioux City, Iowa and the following night for Smackdown in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a great experience to wrestle our first matches with the WWE in front of thousands and thousands of people. The first night we wrestled (Lance) Cade and (Trevor) Murdoch and received great feedback about our work and I believe that's what led us to working the next night as well against the newest Smackdown tag team of Idol Stevens and K.C. James. We will be backstage at the January 1st edition of Raw in our backyard down in Miami which we are more than excited about. We're just keeping our fingers crossed and are looking for all the criticism we can get.

Preston: It's an honor to even be on the WWE radar screen. I think the biggest thing Scott and I walked away from after wrestling for the WWE and Deep South for that matter. Some folks get a glimpse of the next level and they realize their game isn't good enough to compete in the major leagues. We left knowing that when our time comes we will not disappoint.

Alan J. Wojcik: What do you hope the future holds for Modern Day Theory, working for WWE or TNA a possibility?

Scott: We want to wrestle full time and make a living off of it, bottom line. Whether it be for TNA or WWE, we want to have a chance to showcase what it is that we do, and that is tag team wrestling! Thanks for having us Alan.

Preston: The dream now is a career. When I was young my dream was to wrestle for the WWE just one time. We accomplished that, so the new dream is to show the world the art of tag team wrestling on the largest stage of them all. With our work ethic and the solid foundation on how we were trained by Alex G. Scott and I are ready for the next level.


Thanks to Scott and Preston for taking time do complete the interview. You can find out about them at their myspace pages, and and for Amy Vitale.


Here are links to all the promotions mentioned: FIP , AWF: , FPWA: , ACW: , MXPW: , D1PW: CCW: Log onto for information about the 12/9 Florida United event