Who is Alan Wojcik??
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Who Is Alan Wojcik???


Born: 9/1/1974 Brooklyn, NY


Raised: Medford NY


Resides: Palm Harbor, FL


Bellport HS Class of 1992


St. Johns University (NY) Class of 1996 BS Sports Management


Alan has written 7 screenplays, none produced to date.


Favorite WWE performers: HHH, Chris Benoit (RIP), Matt Hardy, MVP (Antonion Banks).


Favorite NON-WWE performers: Kenny King, Chris Hero, Steve Corino, Christopher Daniels, Derrick Neikirk.


Favorite actor: Kevin Spacey, Nathan Lane, Al Pacino, John Cusack.


Favorite actress: Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane Lane, Drew Barrymore.


His work has been seen on:,,,,,,, dragonking newsletter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wrestling news,


Organizations Alan has covered: WWE, TNA Wrestling, NWA-ME (TN), USWO (TN), SWA (TN), SEX, IPW Hardcore, MLW, CCW (IN), Full Impact Pro, No Name Wrestling, NWA Florida, NWA Sunray, USWS, SCW (FL) FPWA, FPSW, ACW (FL), FCW (WWE Developmental), 2005 NWA National Convention, 2003-2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup.

"Goody Two Shoes" Alan Wojcik meets
"The Bad Guy" Scott Hall at NWA: TNA